Hallowed be thy pumpkin – Interstellar Rift Development Update 069

Greetings one and all and welcome to that most scary time of the year. Halloween is upon us and the denizens of the galaxy have gone all out in their decorations.

The 4 major factions have turned their stations into havens of terror and despair to fill the people with dread! But they do not need to be the only ones spreading the horror around the galaxy for they have made their decorations available to all who bring them their bounty of candy!

Mysterious asteroids have appeared around the galaxy, not filled with ores but filled with candy! Spooky pumpkins have miraculously been conjured around the galaxy to fill you with fright. But their use need not end there. For these pumpkins hold the key to more candy for your decorating needs!

Please enjoy Interstellar Rift’s 2016 Halloween update!

Happy Halloween everyone!

-The Split Polygon Team