Cargo Container

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Cargo Pad
Cargo Pad
Cargo Container
Cargo Pad
Capable of storing eight cargo containers.
Resources 750-2250 Iron.png Iron
225 Copper.png Copper
Weight 400-1200
Device Type Prop
Capacity 100-300 containers
Requirements none
Location in editor Prop edit mode, Cargo
Size 5x5x4 - 9x5x4 tile
Category: Systems


Stores cargo in a container attached to the outside of the ship. Similar to the Storage Vault. Comes in Small/Medium/Large sizes storing 100/200/300 containers respectively.

These containers do not combine partially filled crates like your inventory. Example: It will store (2) crates of 100 Iron.png Iron as (2) crates, not (1) crate of 200.

When placing these on the outside of the ship, they require an extra block of space around the outer sides for clearance.