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Cartridges are created with a 3D Printer, and inserted into a Data Core Terminal to boost various ship systems, with a slight penalty to another system. They appear as a circuit board in a dark blue plastic case. To install a cartridge, target the slot in the center front of the Data Core Terminal and insert.

  • These should not be confused with Hacking Chipsets which are used in the Cyber Warfare Suite to drain, repair or boost firewalls, and appear as a red, green or blue circuit board with a plastic outer frame only.


Each cartridge will boost a particular system, but impose a small penalty to another system, so using them will always involve some trade off. Additionally, the cartridge burns out in about 200 or so minutes of use, but you can slow this by using the power toggle button on the Data Core Terminal's display. Cartridges can be made in the following varieties with materials as listed:

Sample Cartridge Values

The five types may have different bonus and penalty values, as well as different affected systems. The amounts each and systems affected appear to be randomized at creation in the 3D Printer (needs verification).

Type, system boosted, system penalized:

  • Power
    • Generator output +33%, Generator fuel usage + 4%
    • Solar Panel output +11%, Shield energy consumption +5%
  • Engine
    • Thruster output +34%, Thruster fuel consumption +3%
    • Thruster consumption -20%, Thruster output -0.5%
  • Combat
    • Turret damage +38%, Turret power use +5%
    • Shields power used -25%, Shields max strength -5%
  • Mining & Resource
    • Extractor teleport distance +20%, Extractor mining speed -5%
    • Extractor mine distance +38%, Extractor mine speed -4%
  • Devices
    • Teleporter power used -27%, Teleporter maximum range -11%
    • Scanners scan power +38%, Scanners power used +8%

(values rounded, sample cartridges produced)