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This is a guide for setting up your own Interstellar Rift dedicated server on windows. If you have any questions or issues please reply to the steam thread here and the Developers will answer them as soon as possible. This guide is player made. It assumes you already know how to install the steam client and/or SteamCMD. It is based off the guide found here here

How to make a windows dedicated server

Step 1: Download the game

  • You have 2 options when trying to download the game. You can either download it via your Steam Client or you can use SteamCMD.
  • If you want to download it via SteamCMD the Steam AppID is 363360

Step 2: Make a shortcut to start your server

  1. We will need to make a shortcut of IR.exe. It is usually located in the folder: Steam/SteamApps/common/Interstellar Rift/Build/IR.exe
  2. Create a shortcut by right clicking IR.exe and selecting create shortcut
  3. Right click the shortcut you just made and go to properties
  4. Change the target to included -server at the end of it
    • example "Interstellar Rift\Build\IR.exe" -server
    • example2 click here to see an image of how it should look
  5. Do Not close the steam client you made the SSK.txt. You must start your server once before you can close the steam client you make it with or it will be invalid and you will have to make a new one

Step 3: Validating Your Server

  1. You will need an SSK (Standalone Server Key) to allow your server to be validated. To get one open your IR client and go to Play Interstellar Rift > Host Game. Then click the "Generate SSK" key, like this
  2. After that a file called SSK.txt will be generated in your Appdata folder at: *Your Drive*:/Users/*Your User*/AppData/Roaming/InterstellarRift/SSK.txt
    • As as shortcut to get there you can hit window key + R or click your window key this go to run and type %appdata% and hit enter. Then go to InterstellarRift/SSK.txt
    • Please note if you are running the server on another computer you will need to copy and paste or create a folder named SSK.txt in appdata on your server and copy the number inside the SSK.txt over to that computer.
    • This key will associate any servers with it to the Steam account you generated it with; It will be valid for a maximum of 30 days and may be used in as many server instances as you'd like once it is associated.
    • If your client was exited please generate a new key.

Step 4: Configuring Your Server

  1. In that same folder as that SSK.txt is stored in (*Your Drive*:/Users/*Your User*/AppData/Roaming/InterstellarRift/) you will find a file called server.json. If you do not see that file you should see config.xml. This is your config file
  2. Right click on it and go to open with and select notepad.
  3. Lastly edit what you would like and then save and close it
    • Note: After you start your server once your will need to use the server.json file as your confing file.
    • If you change the starting ship in the server.json file the Store-o-Tron will still show the factions' starter ships rather then the new ship you put in.

Troubleshooting and Errors

Error Message Description How to Fix
announcing server to masterserver: invalid steam ticket This means your SSK is not valid Repeat Step 3.
Warning > No devices found which means the network is broken or there is no UPnP/PMP capable router OR UPNP: Failed to add mapping! This means your router was not able to forward the Server's port automatically, or it does have such a function to do so. If you are getting this message it will not away. Just make sure your ports are forwarded and you shouldn't have any issues.