Defense Drone

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Defense Drone
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Defense Drone
A deployable object that defends your ship.
Resource ID: 32
Technical Name: RT_DefenseDrone
Category: Resources


Defense Drones are objects that you can create to guard your ship, a station, asteroid belt or other location. Once created, you eject them out of the ship using a Disposal Unit and automatically deploy. You can interact with a Defense Drone you own via the Wall Terminal, Double Terminal or Engineering Terminal by selecting Sensors, Drones, and the individual drone. You can order them to attack all targets not in your fleet, but you may need to pick them back up to cease fire. To pick them back up, you salvage them with the Salvage Unit. Unlike a Repair Drone, you cannot order the defense drone to follow your ship, so you will need to pick them back up before moving your ship out of range or return for them later. Sensor range to detect this drone is approximately 7km.


1 Defense Drone = 2 Drone Parts: Construction + 500 Copper + 1200 Standard Ammo using an Assembling Machine.


1 Defense Drone will fold up to the standard dimensions of a containment crate, and will fill one slot of inventory or one slot on a Cargo Pad.