Drone Parts: Construction

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Drone Parts: Construction
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Drone Parts: Construction
Electronic Parts for Drone construction.
Resources 600 Iron, 75 Steel
Resource ID 69
Technical Name RT_DroneComponents_Construction
Category: Drone parts


Construction Drone Parts are used to build a Drone and Utilities for the Drone at the Large Drone Bay. You have to insert the Drone Parts into the Drone Bay Inventory.


1 Drone Parts: Construction = 600 Iron, 75 Steel using an Assembling Machine.


1 Drone Parts: Construction will fold up to the standard dimensions of a containment crate, and will fill one slot of inventory or one slot on a Cargo Pad.

Used for

Drone base (12)
Engine Pods (4)
Missile Pods (2)
Drone Cargo (6)
Mining Laser (4)
Bottom Turret (1)
Top Turret (1)