Large Power Battery

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Large Power Battery
Large Power Battery
Large Power Battery
Large Power Battery
Device Tier
Resources 1500 Iron, 1250 Copper, 250 Vectronium
Weight 1500 kg
Device Type Prop
Energy capacity Stores 25,000,000 energy
Power Input Charges at 15,000 energy per tick
Power Output Produces 3,750 energy per tick
Recharge time 1.4 minutes
Discharge time 5.5 minutes
Location in editor Prop edit mode, Systems
Size 1x1x2 tiles (4x8x4 meters)
Category: Power


The Large Power Battery will store power for use any time the method of generation does not exceed the system load. This device is useful for discharge under high load situations such as sustained maximum warp speed which can use vast amounts of power to maintain. It will recharge at 15,000 E / tick if your system can deliver, and provides 3,750 E / tick during discharge.

Remember that a Power Cell provides instant, high discharge and low capacity, while a Power Battery provides a low discharge rate with high capacity or energy storage.

This piece of equipment will increase system Capacity by 25,000,000, see the Small Power Battery for a 1,500,000 energy storage solution.