Laser Cell

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Laser Cells


There are 3 Laser Cell types, including Standard, Improved and Advanced laser cells. Each can be produced in the Assembling Machine. Laser Cells are handled in crates which are placed into the Ammunition Loader.

The Laser Cell is ammunition for the Laser Weapon available in 3 varieties.....

Image Name Damage Description Resources Crate Max
StandardLaserCell.png Standard Laser Cell ?? Common laser cell available in large quantities at most stations and inexpensive to produce. 2 Nitrous Oxide Nitrous Oxide, 1 Carbon Carbon 1200
ImprovedLaserCell.png Improved Laser Cell ?? The improved laser cell can be purchased in smaller quantities or produced. 2 Nitrous Oxide Nitrous Oxide, 1 Carbon Carbon, 1 Brass Brass 1800
AdvancedLaserCell.png Advanced Laser Cell ?? Advanced laser cells may be produced or received as a reward for completing missions in T3 systems. 2 Calireon Calireon, 1 Carbon Carbon, 1 Brass Brass 2400