Planned Features

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Game Balance


Cargo Teleporter; Increasing CT range to account for movement of the target.

Planned Features


More Interior and Exterior Components; Editor pieces of all kinds and sizes will be coming.

Ship Preview mode; Allows the player to test and walk around their ship in the editor before actually building it. This will also fix the problems related to building the ceiling of a ship.

Tooltips; Descriptions of buttons and components that shows up when you hover your cursor over them or their icons. Those include information such as Power Usage, Power Generation and Thrust.

Undo; Button to undo modifications to the ship being edited in steps allowing to recover your work if something goes wrong.

Confirmation Pop-ups; Confirmation pop-up windows that prompt if you really want to delete a Power Group or Room.

External Hull Color Schemes; Coloring individual blocks in the outside of your ship, like you do the interior.

Symmetry Mode; Mirrors changes to one side of the ship in the opposite side allowing for perfect symmetry and time savings when building your ship.


Settings Invert Look Axis; Options to invert the camera look axes while the player is on foot or piloting a ship.

Dedicated Server

Password/Whitelisted Servers; Settings to set a Password to lock your server. Settings to set a Whitelist for your server, making it only allow players in that list to join; It will probably be implemented by using the members of a Steam Group you set for a list.

General User Interface




On-Foot Gameplay

Player to Player Combat; Combat between players is planned and we want to deliver this feature as soon as possible.

Ship Gameplay

Planets; You won't be able to land on them, but will be able to collect resources like Hydrogen and Oxygen for their atmospheres.

Access Restrictions for Teleporters;

I'm not sure yet how this will be implemented, but I am sure some kind of restriction will be applied.

Ship to Ship Combat; Combat between ships is planned and we want to deliver this feature as soon as possible.

Inertial Dampeners; Toggling intertial dampeners on and off to allow for fuel savings.

General Improvements

Non Playable Characters (NPC; NPCs that assign you missions and engage in combat and trading with you.

Resources; New resources, rare resources and composite resources.

Custom Jukebox Tracks; In the system we'll have a feature that allows you to set your own jukebox tracks.

Hangar Bays; Hangar bays in stations/ships that allow you to store smaller ships inside and take them out whenever you want.