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This is the documentation page for Template:Icon.
When it is viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.

This template can be used for embedding icons in the wiki linked to the in-game concept they represent.


The first parameter is the identifier for the icon. It has no default value and is always required.
The second parameter is the width of the icon. It is optional. The default value is 24px.


{{icon|identifier}}} or {{icon|identifier|width}}
Insert the relevant identifier in the above syntax. The available icons and their identifiers can be found in the tables below.
{{icon|iron ore}}} will generate IronOre.png
{{icon|iron ore|48px}}} will generate IronOre.png


To add or amend the icons available through the icon template, edit the subtemplate Template:Icon/icons.

List of available icons


iron ore IronOre.png iron ore crate Crate Iron Ore 01.png
copper ore CopperOre.png copper ore crate Copper Ore 01.png
water Water.png water crate Water 01.png
silicon ore SiliconOre.png silicon ore crate Silicon Ore 01.png
zinc ore ZincOre.png zinc ore crate Zinc 01.png
nitrogen Nitrogen.png nitrogen crate Nitrogen 01.png
carbon Carbon.png carbon crate Carbon 01.png
gold Gold.png gold crate Gold 01.png
iridium Iridium.png iridium crate Iridium 01.png
osmium Osmium.png osmium crate Osmium 01.png
silver Silver.png silver crate Silver 01.png
mercury Mercury.png mercury crate Mercury 01.png
platinum Platinum.png platinum crate Platinum 01.png
beryllium Beryllium.png beryllium crate Beryllium 01.png
lead ore LeadOre.png lead ore crate LeadOre 01.png
uranium ore UraniumOre.png uranium ore crate UraniumOre 01.png
aluminum ore AluminumOre.png aluminum ore crate AluminumOre 01.png
flourite RT Flourite.png flourite crate Crate Flourite 01.png
quartz RT Quartz.png quartz crate Crate Quartz 01.png
tungsten ore RT TungstenOre.png tungsten ore crate Crate TungstenOre 01.png
lithium ore RT LithiumOre.png lithium ore crate Crate LithiumOre 01.png
iron scrap ScrapIron.png iron scrap crate Iron Scrap 01.png
copper scrap ScrapCopper.png copper scrap crate Copper Scrap.png
silicon scrap ScrapSilicon.png silicon scrap crate Silicon Scrap 01.png
zinc scrap ScrapSink.png zinc scrap crate Zinc Scrap 01.png
carbon scrap ScrapCarbon.png carbon scrap crate Carbon 01.png
steel scrap ScrapSteel.png steel scrap crate Steel Scrap 01.png
brass scrap ScrapBrass.png brass scrap crate Brass Scrap 01.png
lead scrap ScrapLead.png lead scrap crate Crate Scrap Lead 01.png
aluminum scrap ScrapAluminum.png aluminum scrap crate Crate Scrap Aluminum 01.png
tungsten scrap ScrapTungsten.png tungsten scrap crate Crate Scrap Tungsten 01.png
vectronium scrap ScrapVectronium.png vectronium scrap crate Crate Scrap Vectronium 01.png
acidium Acidium.png acidium crate GasTank Acidium 01.png
fulgurium Fulgurium.png fulgurium crate GasTank Fulgurium 01.png
calireon Calireon.png calireon crate GasTank Calireon 01.png
vectron gas Vectron Gas.png vectron gas crate GasTank Vectron Gas 01.png
tnp RT TNP.png tnp crate TNP 01.png
iron Iron.png iron crate Iron 01.png
copper Copper.png copper crate Copper 01.png
hydrogen Hydrogen.png hydrogen crate Hydrogen 01.png
oxygen Oxygen.png oxygen crate Oxygen 01.png
silicon Silicon.png silicon crate Silicon 01.png
steel Steel.png steel crate Steel 01.png
brass Brass.png brass crate Brass 01.png
nitrous oxide NitrousOxide.png nitrous oxide crate Nitrous Oxide 01.png
xanthium Xanthium.png xanthium crate Xanthium 01.png
di-xanthium DiXanthium.png di-xanthium crate Di Xanthium 01.png
tetra-xanthium TetraXanthium.png tetra-xanthium crate Tetra-Xanthium 01.png
deuterium Deuterium.png deuterium crate Deuterium 01.png
lead Lead.png lead crate Lead 01.png
uranium Uranium.png uranium crate Uranium 01.png
aluminum Aluminum.png aluminum crate Aluminum 01.png
vectronium RT Vectronium.png vectronium crate Crate Vectronium 01.png
crystal vectronium RT CrystalVectronium.png crystal vectronium crate Crate Crystal Vectronium 01.png
improved fuel RT ImprovedFuel.png improved fuel crate Crate Improved Fuel 01.png
advanced fuel RT AdvancedFuel.png advanced fuel crate Crate Advanced Fuel 01.png
tungsten 24px tungsten crate Crate TungstenOre 01.png
lithium RT Lithium.png lithium crate Crate Lithium 01.png
coolant RT Coolant.png coolant crate Crate Coolant 01.png
heated coolant RT DepletedCoolant.png heated coolant crate Crate DepletedCoolant 01.png
beacon Beacon.png beacon crate Beacon 01.png
defense drone DefenseDrone256.png defense drone crate DefenseDrone 01.png
repair drone RepairDrone256.png repair drone crate RepairDrone 01.png
standard shells StandardShell.png standard shells crate Standard Shells 01.png
standard ammo StandardAmmo.png standard ammo crate Standard Ammo 01.png
improved ammo ImprovedAmmo.png improved ammo crate Crate Improved Ammo 01.png
advanced ammo RT AdvancedAmmo.png advanced ammo crate Crate Advanced Ammo 01.png
ion ammo RT IonAmmo alternate .png ion ammo crate Crate Ion Ammo 01.png
standard laser cells StandardLaserCell.png standard laser cells crate Crate Standard Laser Cells 01.png
improved laser cells ImprovedLaserCell.png improved laser cells crate Crate Improved Laser Cells 01.png
advanced laser cells AdvancedLaserCell.png advanced laser cells crate Crate Advanced Laser Cells 01.png
standard nanobots RT StandardNanoBots.png standard nanobots crate Crate Standard NanoBots 01.png
improved nanobots RT ImprovedNanoBots.png improved nanobots crate Crate Improved NanoBots 01.png
advanced nanobots RT AdvancedNanoBots.png advanced nanobots crate Crate Advanced Nanobots 01.png
standard sidewinder missile StandardSideWinderMissile.png standard sidewinder missile crate Crate Standard SideWinderMissiles 01.png
improved sidewinder missile ImprovedSideWinderMissile.png improved sidewinder missile crate Crate Improved SideWinderMissiles 01.png
advanced sidewinder missile AdvancedSideWinderMissile.png advanced sidewinder missile crate Crate Advanced SideWinderMissiles 01.png
standard flak ammo Standard Flak Ammo.png standard flak ammo crate Crate Standard Flak Ammo 01.png
improved flak ammo Improved Flak Ammo.png improved flak ammo crate Crate Improved Flak Ammo 01.png
advanced flak ammo Advanced Flak Ammo.png advanced flak ammo crate Crate Advanced Flak Ammo 01.png
standard torpedo Missile256.png standard torpedo crate Missile 01.png
improved torpedo MissileAdvanced256.png improved torpedo crate Missing.png
advanced torpedo Missing.png advanced torpedo crate AdvancedMissile 01.png
iron turbine TurbineIron.png iron turbine crate Iron Turbine 01.png
steel turbine TurbineSteel.png steel turbine crate Steel Turbine 01.png
platinum turbine TurbinePlatinum.png platinum turbine crate Platinum Turbine 01.png
drone parts electronics RT DroneComponents Electronics alternate .png drone parts electronics crate Crate Drone Electronics Components 01.png
drone parts flight RT DroneComponents Flight alternate .png drone parts flight crate Crate Drone Flight Components 01.png
drone parts combat RT DroneComponents Combat alternate .png drone parts combat crate Crate Drone Combat Components 01.png
drone parts construction RT DroneComponents Construction alternate .png drone parts construction crate Crate Drone Construction Components 01.png
u238, uranium238 U238.png u238 crate Uranium238 01.png
u238d, depleted uranium238 U238D.png u238d crate Uranium238D 01.png
pu239, plutonium239 Pu239.png pu239 crate Plutonium239 01.png
pu239d, depleted plutonium239 Pu239D.png pu239d crate Plutonium239D 01.png
pu241, plutonium241 Pu241.png pu241 crate Plutonium241 01.png
pu241d, depleted plutonium241 Pu241D.png pu241d crate Plutonium241D 01.png
skrill biomatter RT AlienBiomatter.png skrill biomatter crate Crate Refrigerated 01.png
hunter biomatter RT HunterBiomatter.png hunter biomatter crate Crate HunterBioMatter 01.png
disruptor biomatter RT DisruptorBiomatter.png disruptor biomatter crate Crate DisruptorBiomatter 01.png
vortium RT Vortium.png vortium crate Crate Vortium 01.png
pumpkin RT Pumpkin.png pumpkin crate Pumpkin 01.png
candy RT Candy.png candy crate Crate Candy 01.png
unobtanium Unobtanium.png unobtanium crate 24px
mission resource 24px mission resource crate Mission 01.png
u, u-nits, units Credits.png




hsc, hurles co, hurles corporation HurlesCoGrayScale.png hsc_color HurlesCo.png
gt, gtn, galactic trade, galactic trade network GalacticTrade.png gt_color GalacticTrade 01.png
s3, sentinel security systems SentinelSecuritySystems.png s3_color SentinelSecuritySystems.png
drifters Drifters.png drifters_color Drifters.png
hpx, hydropex HydroPEX.png hpx_color Hydropex 01.png
lc, logicorp LogiCorp GrayScale.png lc_color Logicorp.png
vt, vaultron Vaultron.png vt_color VaulTron.png
skrill SkrillIcon.png skrill_color SkrillIcon.png