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"Traditional" Trading

Trading is a viable career in the galaxy, and a good "Space Trucker" can quickly rack up profits from buying and selling between systems. In order to find resources, look for Trade Data Cartridges on various stations. You can allow Trade Drones and other pilots to trade directly off of your ship by installing one or more GT Trade Terminals. It is also possible to use the Large Drone Bay to send your drone on delivery missions for you to save time.

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Player-to-Player trading

A crafty player can amass a fortune of U-nits by engaging in player-to-player selling and buying. This is commonly done on so-called "trading" stations, which serve their use mostly in starting systems of the four starting factions.

The one unfortunate downside to this is how player-to-player selling either requires a sizeable investment in U-Nits, or a sizeable inventory to sell to amass the former.


As a player vendor, there are a few considerations.

  • Do you have enough time to ideally maintain your station with a supply of fresh stock of possibly harder to get resources for starting players?
  • In tandem, if you do not have this time, do you have enough U-Nits to ensure other players can sell to your station, and others can buy?
  • Do you have the ability to defend your station by means of manning it yourself, or installing a station shield?
  • Do you have enough for insurance?

All these considerations will lead you to the conclusion of whether or not you should be engaging in this practice. The rule of thumb is that this kind of venture is best done in fleet cooperation, to ensure you have resources coming in from all kinds of places, and to offload some strain that would otherwise be put solely on you.


As a player vendor, there are a few key things to keep in mind, which are:

  • Nobody will visit a station that is perpetually understocked, or has exorbitant prices.
  • Few players will visit a station that is in a dangerous place. (i.e. T3 systems, or any PvP system.)
  • More players will likely visit you if you grant them the space to turn raw resources they may buy from you, into the items they need. (Refineries, assemblers and 3D Printers.)
  • Players will take advantage of any security flaw you have. Ensure you have properly secured your containers or cargo pads. If required, have a friend with no special permissions try this out.

Should you keep these practices in mind, your initial enterprise will surely flourish.

For financial calculations, if you intend on both buying/selling, the selling price should be +15% of the original price as given. Always make sure that more valuable resources are higher priced than their selling (to station) price, or you will be hemorrhaging money real fast, possibly without noticing. In tandem with finances, never overprice resources to the point where buying from NPC's (with possibly unlimited stock) is more favorable.

In closing

There's a lot of moving parts and logistics to put into mind when operating a player trading station. Should you be able to maintain all of these considerations and logistics, you'll have a great time if running a trade empire is right up your alley. And of course, should you make a fleet that is open to the public for joining, you can always set up advanced logistics to ensure resources of all tiers are flowing in for sale, and stockpile.