Gas Resources

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Gas Resources


WIP Page for all gas resources.

There are four types of gas and one acid created from gases in the Interstellar Rift galaxy. A complete list follows:

Icon Crate Name Gas Color Used For Crate Size Composition
Fulgurium.png GasTank Fulgurium 01.png Fulgurium Blue Vectron Gas 5000 Natural Occurrence
Calireon.png GasTank Calireon 01.png Calireon Red Improved Side Winders, Improved Flak Cannon Ammo, Advanced Side Winders, Advanced Flak Cannon Ammo, Advanced Laser Cell 5000 Natural Occurrence
Acidium.png GasTank Acidium 01.png Acidium Green Improved Fuel 5000 Fulgurium & Calireon Oxidizing
Vectron Gas.png GasTank Vectron Gas 01.png Vectron Teal Vectronium Ingots 5000 Ram Scoop mixing of Fulgurium, Calireon & Acidium
RT TNP.png TNP 01.png TNP (Cannot Be Released) Advanced Torpedoes 200 Ram Scoop mixing of Fulgurium, Calireon & Acidium