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January 23 - 22:35
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November 27 - 13:59
Welcome to Beta Interstellar Rift! Here's a new trailer to celebrate! https://t.co/PCEe6WHMLJ

October 11 - 17:11


    Latest news

    Patch notes for Interstellar Rift BETA


    - added a new Teleportation Automation Cartridge
    • Resource cost: 10 gold, 10 silver, 10 silicon
    • Can be made with a 3D Printer
    • Can be inserted into a Cargo Teleporter
    • Will teleport Cargo every 6 seconds
    • Can teleport to cargo pads, cargo containers, vaults(the vault of the person who activated it), hydrogen tanks, dronebays and dropboxes
    • Lasts for twelve hours

    - added speed tracking mode (P), which can be used while in the cockpit of a ship to set the speed to the speed of a target, and match their speed over time

    - added speed matching mode (I), which can be used while in the cockpit of a ship to set the speed to the speed of a target for one time

    - Refinery can now be stopped

    - Extractor can now be stopped

    - Extractor can now select a priority resource, by clicking on a resource while it's mining

    - added new command to exit a game/server
    • command ingame: /exittimer, /quittimer
    • command in server console: exittimer, quittimer
    • parameters: <duration in seconds> <optional popup message text>
    • example: /quittimer 120 "Server shutting down for maintenance."

    - added a new server configuration option ActiveDronesInTileRemovalThreshold (defaults to 20). This controls the amount of active drones (of the same type) have to be in the same tile for them to be considered for despawning. Low values of this setting will result in performance degradation due to constant spawning and despawning of trading and mining drones.


    - added Station Shield error messages to the localization file

    - game now shows a message to notify the user to install the VC++ 2012 Redistributables when a DllNotFoundException is encountered

    - tool drop code for the Cloaking Device and the Station Shield was rewritten to prevent loss of tools on server lag


    - fixed drift to point position of disposed beacon and defense drones

    - refineries no longer accept mission resources

    - fixed a crash for refineries with mission resource in their buffer

    - fixed an exception thrown by the logger when loading a system

    - force update inactive systems with an available ghost client for one frame when requesting save data from them

    - fixed some issues where the loading screen would not show properly

    - fixed some issues with unloading servers

    - attempted to fix a crash in the repair gun beam

    - keep track of what systems players are in for better ghost client handling

    - fixed hired S3 combat drone targeting

    - fixed drone despawn timer

    - fixed Station Shield and Cloaking Device respectively not accepting Focusing Crystals and Heatsinks when they should

    - disable toggling of points of interest markers in the shipflight UI because it doesn't work correctly and leads to confusion as to where the markers are

    - unified spelling of Heatsink

    - removed extraneous brackets around the Focusing Crystal duration in the Station Shield

    - fixed crash when an FPS bullet hit something that did not have a visual

    - fixed searching in drone bay resource popup

    - fixed player stores continuing to sell to / buy from drones when they were unpowered or turned off


    - servers need to be updated and restarted

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Jimmy van den Bergh
All-Round Artist
Paul Mertens
Gameplay Programmer
Alexander Immerzeel
3D modeling
Joost Meulenkamp
UI Designer and Programmer
Leroy Sikkes
Engine Programmer
Thijs Waalen
Gameplay Programmer
Tom Lemmers
Gameplay Programmer


Interstellar Rift is a First Person Starship Simulator with an emphasis on open world exploration and multi-player interaction. Players will need to survive in a hostile galaxy with their own custom designed and constructed starship. Space is vast but you wont have to face it alone, other players will be able to join you aboard your ship to help you man your vessel’s more complex devices and equipment.

Customize your ship

Our ship design tool will allow players to quickly create or modify existing ships to suit any possible situation. By mining and gathering resources from across the galaxy you’ll be able to construct more powerful and efficient components so you and your ship can face any challenge. Equip drone bays, to have a fleet of autonomous helpers, or build the enormous strip miner, to extract resources from rare large asteroids. From a small shuttle to a large warship, every ship can be what you want it to be.

Explore the galaxy

Help out factions to gain their trust and spread their influence throughout the universe. Build new stations, defend them from invading alien forces, or destroy them to lower a faction's influence. Build a rift generator to travel to other solar systems, and repel the alien forces to prevent them from taking over sectors. Whether you're flying a large cargo hauler, a capitol battleship, or a mining barge, there will always be missions available that match with your ship. Venture out to find rare resources to build special equipment, or buy special items that can be sold for profit. Interstellar Rift is build to suit any play style.

Advanced ship simulations

Building your ship is only the beginning as it will require plenty of work to keep running. You will have to manage your fuel and power levels, keep systems from being infected by alien parasites, make sure devices stay in working order, and much more. Players who are in a crew can rely on each other to maintain the ship, and for solo players there are automation options such as the ACTR (automated cargo transfer relay), to help out with the heavy lifting.

A threat beyond measure

Throughout the galaxy, mysterious rifts are opening up, spilling out a dangerous alien race called the Skrill, that when left unchecked will seize control of the region. Players must band together to stop these enigmatic invaders before they threaten the safety and profits of their enterprises. Between the dangers of pirate drones, vicious Skrill, and other human players, pilots will have to be on a constant lookout!