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January 23 - 22:35
We are gong to be live on the @spacegamejunkie podcast in a few miniutes! join us at https://t.co/wvRFp3UHNR ! #scifi #games

November 27 - 13:59
Welcome to Beta Interstellar Rift! Here's a new trailer to celebrate! https://t.co/PCEe6WHMLJ

October 11 - 17:11


    Latest news

    Patch notes for Interstellar Rift BETA

    • a lot of new server settings were added, see summary below and details in this document[docs.google.com]
      • Skrill spawn settings
      • NPC station spawn settings
      • drone spawn settings
      • combat CPU settings
      • fine settings
      • power settings
      • production settings
      • tool durability settings
      • vaultron pass settings
      • miscellaneous server settings
        • rift cartridges
        • ship storage limit
        • warp speed scale
        • crew disband time
        • resource price stats
        • tool price stats
      • ghost client settings (Described here[www.interstellarrift.com])

    • a lot of new console commands were added and old ones were renamed, a list of all commands can be found here[www.interstellarrift.com]

    • implemented system save data caching, requested system save data will be cached for 100 ticks after it was received, this should reduce rifting times and login times when multiple players connect in a short timespan

    • added logging customization
      "MaxLogSize": "500KB", "MaxLogRollover": 10, "MaxChatLogSize": "10MB", "MaxChatLogRollover": 5,
      • server logs are now named "RollingFileLog.Server[serverAddition].txt"
      • ghost client logs are now named "RollingFileLog.GhostClient[processId].txt"

    • ACTR and player store can now use event resources

    • new admin device Logbox, can be used for handing in resources for custom events

    • ghost clients will now be requested to send a heartbeat every 5 seconds and will be disconnected if they don't reply within 30 seconds

    • let players know when they are conducting illegal activity on their ship

    • player stores can now buy and sell tools from and to ships

    • removed InactiveGhostClientLifetime and BackupDbPath server settings

    • lowered tool tier of the trade stats cartridge from 3 to 1, will now also be available in stores

    • revamped tool and resource spawning for derelicts

    • launching missiles now decloaks ships

    • can now only have 1 activating or active station shield at a times

    • station shield focus crystal now also loses durability when the system is not loaded or the server is down

    • change focusing crystal durability to 4, 6, and 8 days

    • fixed missing ceiling tiles in the Hurles Co Freighter teleporter room

    • fixed inaccessible foot locker in the Cobold

    • fixed missing exterior tiles in the HSC Excavator Mk II

    • fixed power generation in the Reaper Mk II

    • fixed fences in the S3 Weapon Production Plant

    • fixed inaccessible armor generator in the HSC Mining Station TIII

    • S3 Reaper Mk II can now be opened by players in the editor

    • fix small refinery input hatch animation and material state when full

    • removed log spam during AI targeting

    • fixed indestructible ships being autostored

    • fixed shield generator sounds playing at the wrong position

    • fixed duping of resources and tools in inventory on death

    • fixed bug where warp could not be hacked when shields were up

    • improved how we handle escape and enter input to attempt to fix escape bugs

    • player stores now return their money when getting removed by modifying or salvaging

    • ram scoop will now return containing resources when getting removed by modifying or salvaging

    • fixed power group analysis stats only showing stats for the first power group

    • fixed wildly swinging camera when enabling F3 camera

    • fixed power transfer box permissions

    • fixed infinite power drain on portable battery charger because they could have eggnites

    • fixed lithium being considered a construction resource

    • fixed resetting display mode when not in full screen

    • fixed a server crash when removing entities from a system

    • fixed a server crash when trying to match speed with a ship without engines

    • fixed a server crash when trying to launch a non-existing drone

    • fixed a crash in giveResInv command on invalid input

    • fixed a client crash involving strobe lights

    • fixed a client crash involving drone bay automation

    • fixed a client crash involving a null tool in the tool vault

    • fixed a client crash involving a strip miner

    • fixed a client crash in the audio engine

    • fixed a client crash when rendering inventory

    • fixed a one frame desync involving the power system

    • fixed a desync involving server settings and flags that were sent to the player too late

    • ensured AlunaCrashHandler has finished starting before connecting to it, fixes it sometimes not shutting down after the game has shut down

    • fixed serverAddition argument syntax. Databases and server.json are automatically suffixed with the addition. New syntax:
      -serverAddition [number between 1 and 99]

    • *.crashed files are now always removed on startup, not only on profiling builds

    • profiling logs are kept for 7 days instead of 4 when running a profiling build

    • updated MediaWiki to 1.31.3

    • added server config documentation to the wiki

    • added server commands documentation to the wiki

    • servers need to be updated

    • please report technical issues you encounter when browsing / updating the wiki to us

    Older news

    Serving up new options - Interstellar Rift Development update 154

    After a healthy period on the experimental branch we are happy to release version 0.2.10 into the wild. It contains a smorgasbord of new settings to customize your galaxies and tweak your existing systems. First off, we updated the wiki ...
    Patch notes for Interstellar Rift BETA

    BUG FIXES- fixed a client crash when rendering on ship mission markers- fixed a server crash when trying to disconnect an already disconnected ghost clientNOTES- servers only need to be updated if they experience the server crash
    Commands O’ Plenty - Interstellar Rift Development update 153

    Happy summer holidays everyone! We’re back with a new experimental update for Interstellar Rift. As you might know if you’ve been following our Dev Streams, patch 0.2.10 will focus mostly on adding more settings for servers and server admins. Opening ...


Jimmy van den Bergh
All-Round Artist
Paul Mertens
Gameplay Programmer
Alexander Immerzeel
3D modeling
Joost Meulenkamp
UI Designer and Programmer
Leroy Sikkes
Engine Programmer
Thijs Waalen
Gameplay Programmer
Tom Lemmers
Gameplay Programmer


Interstellar Rift is a First Person Starship Simulator with an emphasis on open world exploration and multi-player interaction. Players will need to survive in a hostile galaxy with their own custom designed and constructed starship. Space is vast but you wont have to face it alone, other players will be able to join you aboard your ship to help you man your vessel’s more complex devices and equipment.

Customize your ship

Our ship design tool will allow players to quickly create or modify existing ships to suit any possible situation. By mining and gathering resources from across the galaxy you’ll be able to construct more powerful and efficient components so you and your ship can face any challenge. Equip drone bays, to have a fleet of autonomous helpers, or build the enormous strip miner, to extract resources from rare large asteroids. From a small shuttle to a large warship, every ship can be what you want it to be.

Explore the galaxy

Help out factions to gain their trust and spread their influence throughout the universe. Build new stations, defend them from invading alien forces, or destroy them to lower a faction's influence. Build a rift generator to travel to other solar systems, and repel the alien forces to prevent them from taking over sectors. Whether you're flying a large cargo hauler, a capitol battleship, or a mining barge, there will always be missions available that match with your ship. Venture out to find rare resources to build special equipment, or buy special items that can be sold for profit. Interstellar Rift is build to suit any play style.

Advanced ship simulations

Building your ship is only the beginning as it will require plenty of work to keep running. You will have to manage your fuel and power levels, keep systems from being infected by alien parasites, make sure devices stay in working order, and much more. Players who are in a crew can rely on each other to maintain the ship, and for solo players there are automation options such as the ACTR (automated cargo transfer relay), to help out with the heavy lifting.

A threat beyond measure

Throughout the galaxy, mysterious rifts are opening up, spilling out a dangerous alien race called the Skrill, that when left unchecked will seize control of the region. Players must band together to stop these enigmatic invaders before they threaten the safety and profits of their enterprises. Between the dangers of pirate drones, vicious Skrill, and other human players, pilots will have to be on a constant lookout!