Cloudy with a chance of Missiles! – Interstellar Rift Development Update 073

After a few days of simmering in the experimental branch we’re releasing patch: 0.1.35 into the wild! Bringing with it, missile launchers, a new resources, holotable improvements and more!

First and foremost introducing the missile launcher! These weapons are placed in interior mode and can only be attached to an exterior wall much like windows and t2 engines! Each missile launcher can hold up to 4 missiles and can be fired from the console on the missile launcher or from the cockpit! There are two missile types the normal missiles do 1000 damage and travel at 600 m/s. These cost 40 Brass, 30 Steel, 70 Nitrous Oxide. The second missile type is the advanced missile and this one requires a new resource called TNP which can only be found on the Logicorp Chemical Plant. The total recipe is 40 Brass, 30 Steel, 100 TNP. These missiles do 10,000 damage and travel at 800m/s.

We’ve also overhauled the holotable’s system mode so that it’s more useful and easier to use. System mode will always have the sun in the centre of the display surrounded by the planets.
Everything that is orbiting that planet will be grouped under that planet and in order to see those object simply press E on that planet and it will expand revealing everything that orbits it. This way you can easily target objects from long distances. Ships and stations that are not orbiting a planet will be displayed on their own and their relative position will be visible in the main system mode view.

Additionally we’ve updated the gun with a new cross-hair that reacts to when you hit something giving more player feedback. We’ve also added a dedicated holster button (Default key: H), and added new messages that you get via in game mail. These tell you about any ships you might have lost and at what location you stored your ships.

Thank you all for playing, we hope you’ll enjoy this new experimental update and we’ll see you starside!