Fine Tuning  – Interstellar Rift Development Update 065

After a brief period in experimental stage we feel the next Interstellar Rift update is ready for prime time! This time we’re introducing a much requested feature. The ability to edit your current ship

That’s right, the ship you currently have in space can now be edited by going to the ship editor terminal. The ship editor terminal now has a new button called “modify ship” from here you will be able to select one of your ships in range and directly load that into the editor where you can make any change you want to your ship and apply it directly to your ship, as long as there is no one onboard the target ship.


These edits will take into account how many resources are onboard the ship itself, on the station you are on and, if available, how much is in your vault.

We’ve also added a gravitational anchor device which you can use to anchor ships and stations to a single location. This will make it easier for you to create permanent bases in space. The anchor will make any ship or station function like any other generated station when activated. If the station gets bumped away it will float back to the original position where the anchor was first activated.

Additionally we’ve also added in the ability to assign targets to deployable defense drones. Using the sensor menu on terminals you will be able to select your drones and tell them what to shoot at! Including other players.

Alternatively you can also set them to attack anything on sight that is not part of your fleet.

Hydropex and regular trade terminals will now deposit hydrogen directly into your fuel tanks if you have your ship selected while purchasing.

The editor has also received some additional work. As devices now properly display their power stats such as power consumption, drain, and more.

We hope you’ll let us know what you think of this patch in the new feedback thread. We’ve reinforced our team with a few new members so expect to see some bigger updates coming soon!

Thank you all for playing and if you want to stay up to date with all Interstellar Rift news you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or you’re free to leave your thoughts on our forums! We hope you’ll enjoy this new update and we’ll see you starside!

– The Split Polygon Team