Droning on! – Interstellar Rift Development Update 092

Update time! This week we are pushing the new Sentinel Security Systems security drones into the live servers!

These new drones will be patrolling all faction stations except those of the drifters. The security drones will from now on be enforcing the no fire zones, which means that your weapons will no longer be locked when you are near one of the starter stations. Which brings us to the wanted level, when a player violates a no fire zone, attacks a protected station or player the player will receive a wanted level which determines how the security drones will respond to you.

Your wanted level ranges from 0 stars to 5 stars and will decay slowly over time. If you fight back against the security drones your wanted level will increase, however if you stop attacking or damaging the drones your wanted level will decrease. When you’re at max wanted level it will take roughly 5 minutes to completely decay. Oh and these drones can chase you through warp so good luck 🙂

The security drones can also be hired to protect your ships and stations, on the major faction stations you will find a new sentinel security systems service desk manned by Geoff the droid.
Here you can hire a up to 9 drones to come and protect you for up to 72 hours for a nominal fee.

When you are attacked these drones will warp in and destroy any threat that was made against you.

In addition we have fired a new volley in the fight against desyncs. While it is not a true fix but more a stopgap to prevent major issues which result from desyncs. The game will now automatically reconnect you when you’re desyncing, however this should not take nearly as long as when you’re connecting to a server normally. And when the entire server is desyncing and a reconnect doesn’t fix it. It will automatically reload the server save and reconnect everyone.

As always, we’d appreciate any feedback you’re willing to provide, it will only help us make the game better.

Thank you all for playing and see you starside!

-The Split Polygon Team