Creating a working ship

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This tutorial will teach you how to create a working ship from scratch.

Creating a ship

Interstellar Rift menu
Getting Started

To open the ship editor, click on the ship editor button (the second one from the top)

Editor interface
Moving around

You can use the WASD keys to move the camera and holding the middle mouse button while moving the mouse rotates the camera.

Room Creation
Creating a room

If you left click anywhere, a very small room will be created.
Just to get an idea of the sizes, each tile is 4 meters in every dimension.
To make the room bigger, simply click a tile next to the one you've just created.

Placing Floors
Placing Floors

You can select the type of floor you want and place it on any tile you like. It can be rotated using the arrow keys on your keyboard or dragging your mouse from left to right, while holding the left mouse button. To fill an entire room with a type of floor, shift+click on a tile.

Adding a cockpit
Adding a cockpit

To be able to fly the ship, we have to add a cockpit to the ship. These are located in Room edit mode (F1) -> Systems
In this case I've used the HelmSmall_01.
Make sure to place the front of the cockpit in the direction of the arrows as this is the direction your ship will fly regardless of engine orientation.

Dark room

Pressing the lightbulb icon (default shortcut (L)) on the bottom left of your screen will turn off the lighting of the editor so you can get a better idea of how well lit your ship will be in the final game.
Light at last!
Here we have added some lights to our walls. These lights are located in the "Lights" category in room edit mode (F1)

Creating a new room

To create a new room, simply place a door on one of the outer edges of the first one. these are located in the "Doors" category in room edit mode (F1) This will creat a small 1x1 room on the other side of the door.
Selecting a room
You might have noticed that if you hover your mouse over the newly created room, it turns orange. When it is orange, press the room select key (Default key: Spacebar) to select the new room.
Enlarging a room
Once it is selected, you may build the new room like the first one, by adding more tiles to it.
Here, the new room is decorated with floors, walls and lights. To flood fill an entire room with a certain type of wall, shift+click with a wall selected.

Adding devices
Adding essential devices

To create a viable ship, we need a couple of essential devices. First of all, we need some power. To start producing power, we place down a Hydrogen Generator TI and a Hydrogen Tank TI. (both are located in the "Systems" category in Prop mode (F2).) Another essential device to a working ship, is a Teleporter. (Located in the "Systems"category in Room edit mode (F1).)
As a final touch, we require some engines. Engines can only be placed on the exterior of the ship. To do this we need to activate Exterior Mode (F3).
Placing engines
In exterior mode, we can place engines (Found in the "Engines" category)

Power is automatically distributed to all devices, but you can press F4 to customize the power groups.

Open the options menu with Escape to save the ship and use it ingame.