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Refer to Comparison Tables for a side-by-side comparison of all available engines.

Exterior Edit Engines

Image Name Description
Class3IonEngine 01.png Class 3 Ion Engine Weakest and cheapest of the exterior engines.
Class1IonEngine 01.png Class 1 Ion Engine Middle class engine, moderate thrust and power efficiency, exterior mount.
Class2IonEngine 01.png Class 2 Ion Engine Strongest, most efficient and most expensive of the exterior mounted engines.

Interior Edit Engines

Image Name Description
IR Editor Tech2 Class 1 Ion Engine 01.png Tech 2 Class 1 Ion Engine First interior mounted engine available, protrudes to the exterior. Occupies a 2x2 tile interior space, about the same exterior.

7x thrust of the largest exterior mounted engine.

IR Editor Tech3 Class 1 Ion Engine 01.png Tech 3 Class 1 Ion Engine Occupies both interior and exterior space.