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RT Flourite.png
Used to create advanced heat sinks
Resource ID: 61
Technical Name: RT_Fluorite
Per Crate: 50
Category: Resources


Fluorite is a rare resource, found only in Rich Asteroids and requiring the Strip Miner to mine. It is awarded *after* completing a Hurles Co system event chain to completion. At the moment, it's only use is manufacturing Advanced Heatsinks.


You will need to achieve 5000 Hurles reputation in a system, by building and upgrading their various stations as well as completing all the outstanding scout and material delivery Hurles Co Events. Some amount of time afterwards (5-15 minutes?) the event with the Flourite bearing Rich Asteroid will appear. Your vessel must be equipped with a Strip Miner to access the Fluorite. The Asteroid will bear between 1000-2000 Fluorite.

Used In

  • 20 Fluorite is used per Advanced Heatsinks in the 3D Printer.