Food Cartridge

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Food Cartridge
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Food Cartridge
Food Cartridge
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Category: Tools


Displaying a medical first aid '+' and printed with the words "Daily Meal", this boxed cartridge of food will help you recover some lost health. You may not like what it is made of, so don't ask, just eat it.


Food Cartridges are constructed on the 3D Printer from 50 Alien Meat, after which you can pick it up and it will go to your items toolbar. Simply select it and hold the left mouse button to consume. Each cartridge can be used 5 times to heal 10 points each use.

Release Notes

Introduced in release 071:
We have also (finally) introduced a way to heal. Food cartridges can now be printed from the 3D printer from Skrill meat. Each of these cartridges heals 10 per use and has 5 uses (a player has 100 health max). We are working on ways to allow for these to be obtained in other ways than printing them. Food cartridges can be stored in lockers as well. To use a food cartridge hold it in your hand and press and hold the left mouse button down.