GT Trade Terminal

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GT Trade Terminal
GT Trade Terminal
GT Trade Terminal
GT Trade Terminal
Small tank that supplies hydrogen to a generator
Resources 450 Iron, 250 Silicon, 175 Copper
Weight 400 Kg.
Device Type Prop
Capacity (based on ship or station storage)
Location in editor Prop edit mode, Systems
Size 1x1x1 tile (4x4x4 meters)
Category: Systems


The GT Trade Interface can both buy and sell from assigned cargo pads or item lockers with its internal U-Nit buffer, where all sale profits are sent to. Buying goods from the terminal also affects the balance in the terminal, and you may need to deposit some funds before the terminal will allow your purchase. Only players with manage rights and above can retrieve or deposit cash in the buffer. Point at the terminal and press "C" to quickly bring up the correct permission interface.

This terminal allows you to create a portion of your ship with a separate teleporter and trade terminals that guest pilots can utilize without gaining access to the rest of your ship. Trade drones will also purchase and sell goods by utilizing this terminal. Each terminal provide 2 slots, which can both be configured to either buy or sell one type of item. Selling will continue until the ship or station runs out of the resource, and buying will continue until the terminal runs out of funds, or there are no free cargo pads. The terminal Will deny any interaction if ship or station has been hacked. Can buy or sell from a selected ship or station as well as the player's inventory. If there have been no sales or purchases for a long time, your pricing does not match the current system economy.