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A Chipset is created with a 3D Printer, and inserted into the Cyber Warfare Suite to drain, repair or boost firewalls of an enemy or your own ship. They appear as a Red (offensive), Green (defensive) or Blue (maintenance) colored circuit board with a plastic outer frame. To install a Chipset, target the slot on the far right side of the Cyber Warfare Suite.

  • These should not be confused with a Cartridge which is used in the Data Core Terminal to boost various ship systems, and appear as a circuit board completely enclosed in a dark blue case.


The Chipset item is used in a Cyber Warfare Suite to drain firewalls of enemy ships, or boost/repair the firewalls of friendly ships.

In PvP, if you try to hack an NPC station, it will immediately make you wanted and apply a penalty of -500 reputation.

Each Chipset requires 10 gold, 10 silicon and either 10 iridium for draining firewalls, or 10 platinum for repairing and boosting firewalls. All chipsets have a limited life and will "burn out" after the stated time.

A Chipset can have the following stats:

  • Red Circuit Board
    • Break Firewall: Applies a set drain rate on a firewall, eg: 1.03 / tick.
    • Break Firewall Percentage: Drains a percentage of the firewall per tick (faster when the firewall is stronger).
    • Break Firewall Pulse: Drains a fixed amount after a set amount of ticks, eg: 57 / each 83 ticks.
  • Green Circuit Board
    • Repair Firewall: Applies a set regeneration rate to a firewall, eg: 1.12 / tick.
    • Repair Firewall Percentage: Applies a percentage based regeneration rate on a firewall (faster when the firewall is stronger).
    • Repair Firewall Pulse: Restores a fixed amount after a set amount of ticks, eg: 93 / each 113 ticks.
  • Blue Circuit Board
    • Repair Hacked System: Applies a set regeneration rate to a hacked firewall, eg: 1.40 / tick.