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Heatsinks have 4 tiers, each one having higher durability and a greater capacity to absorb heat. The tiers roughly correspond to materials that are found in equivalent system tiers, with the exception of tier 4, which requires Fluorite. The only known source of flourite is from a Rich Asteroid received as quest reward for completing the Hurles Co system event chain.


The heatsinks are used to absorb heat from devices such as the ACTR, Nuclear Reactor, and Thermal Exchanger. The Thermal Exchanger serves a dual purpose of using the heatsinks for cooling/heating the interior of the ship, as well as removing built up heat stored in the heatsinks from use in their various devices.

Once a heatsink has reached it's thermal capacity, if it's still in use it will begin to take durability damage as more heat is added. Once it reaches zero durability, it will degrade into nothing and the device which is generating heat will itself take damage and potentially start a fire unless it is quickly deactivated. It is recommended to insert the heatsinks into a Thermal Exchanger to dissipate the stored heat into the hull so the heatsinks can be reused and cycled into and out of devices.


Heatsinks are built in 3D printers using the various combinations of materials listed in the table below:

Image Designation Durability Heat Capacity ACTR Teleports Resources
T1 Heatsink.png T I Heatsink 14,400 HP 20,000,000 75 50 Copper Copper, 6 Deuterium Deuterium
T2 Heatsink.png T II Heatsink 43,200 HP 60,000,000 250 35 Silicon Silicon, 5 Beryllium Beryllium, 12 Deuterium Deuterium
T3 Heatsink.png T III Heatsink 86,400 HP 120,000,000 500 50 Aluminum Aluminum, 10 Beryllium Beryllium, 24 Deuterium Deuterium
Advanced Heatsink.png Advanced Heatsink 361,800 HP 440,000,000 1000 50 Aluminum Aluminum, 10 Beryllium Beryllium, 20 Flourite Flourite