Large Hydrogen Tank

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Large Hydrogen Tank
Large Hydrogen Tank
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Hydrogen Tank
Large tank that supplies hydrogen or water
Resources 1350 Refined Iron, 300 Refined Copper
Weight 4800 Kg.
Device Type Prop
Capacity 75,000 liters of liquid
Output 250 liters per second
Connections Hydrogen Generators, Sprinklers
Location in editor Prop edit mode, Power
Size 2x2x2 tiles (8x8x8 meters)
Category: Power


This tank will accept Hydrogen fuel or Water directly from pilot inventory, or by Cargo Teleporter. You can remove the fuel by alternately tapping "E" and rolling the mouse wheel back one click and pressing "E" again. Note that the tank output is 250 liters per second max, and hydrogen generators or sprinklers only draw from one tank at a time. If you have two tanks, the ship will deplete them consecutively, not concurrently. If you salvage your ship, the fuel in the tank will not be returned to you in the salvaged materials.