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- added Automated Cargo Transfer Relay (ACTR) can teleport cargo from and to multiple devices a single ACTR can only be set to a single resource or item (multiple ACTRs will be needed to transport multiple resource types) requires at least one heatsink to operate will start to damage itself when run without heatsinks can teleport to all cargo accepting and/or supplying devices can teleport to all tool/weapon accepting and/or supplying devices except other ACTRs costs: 400 Aluminium, 250 Steel, 250 Silicon, 125 Copper, 200 lead has a power buffer of 120,000 one teleport requires 40,000 power

- Items on cargo pads can now also be retrieved by clicking their icon on the cargo pad's screen

- added new particle effects to combat drones

- exit to menu key (F10) is now rebindable


- optimized the rendering of inactive screens

- added a tiny bit of ambient lighting to the game to make it a bit brighter

- fixed bug where blue tables shader would glitch on certain Nvidia driver versions


- Skrill are now more inclined to use bullets instead of ramming for lower mass targets

- Changed Heatsink costs TI Heatsink: 100 Aluminium, 10 Deuterium TII Heatsink: 100 Aluminium, 5 Beryllium, 20 Deuterium TIII Heatsink: 100 Aluminium, 10 Beryllium, 40 Deuterium


- fixed bug where drones wouldnt warp towards astroid fields if an player was nearby

- game no longer tries to request ghost clients every frame when game is frozen

- fixing bug where aliens did not target defense drones

- player data is now saved when a ship is stored instead of waiting for server save

- fixed repair beam completed sound


- servers should be updated and restarted, no rebuilds required





- added Sentinel Security Desk manned by Keith the Security Droid can be found on all starter stations (except the Black Pit), static S3 Stations, and the Vaultron Galactic Bank can be used by players to hire security drones for 175k per drone per hour (with a discount if more are hired for longer), which results in the player gaining the same protection

- added NPC Drones will warp in to protect stations against damage or hacking will attack Skrill will attack player ships if wanted level is greater than 0 will try to fly in formation if there's enough of them capable of warping incapable of rifting

- reworked no firing zones around stations No firing zones are now enforced by drones, in addition to the station's stationary defense turrets firing any type of weapon within no firing zones will result in an increase in wanted level (with just one shot meaning that you'll only be wanted for a few seconds) no firing zones are now displayed on the top screen of the cockpit interface, next to the system name no firing zones are currently only located around the starter stations

- added wanted mechanism wanted level is bound to a ship, not the player wanted level is increased when firing at or hacking a neutral station/ship/drone max wanted level is 5 if player is on a ship that is wanted, a counter will display in the top right corner of the screen, indicating current wanted level wanted level will slowly decrease over time (a wanted level of 5 will decrease to 0 in approximately 5 minutes)

- added new protection status screen to GRIP (located under Status > Protection status)

- client will now automatically reconnect if a critical desync is detected

- added chat messages when players get reconnected for desyncs

- increased range of small teleporter to 1000 instead of 500

- added social media buttons to main menu


- added check if saving succeeds before writing to the database

- some better handling when systems fail to load

- fixed bug where point defense drone AI would crash on factionless targets

- fixed bug where ghost clients would not close themselves down after they crashed or desynced

- players are now actually disconnected when removed from player manager

- fixed crash in repairgun

- fixed crash while upgrading ship

- fixed several crashes in character controller

- fixed crash in sensors screen


- For older saves, world will have to be rebuilt with the second rebuild option in the F8 menu (or "rebuildServer 1" in server console)





- added automation slots to extractor, salvager, refinery, 3D printer, and assembler

- added new buttons to extractor, salvager, refinery, 3D printer, and assembler GUI to enable automation

- added new cartridges: Automation Cartridge: Extraction Resource Cost: 10 silicon, 10 gold, 10 silver Durability: 12 Hours Can be used in Extractor and Salvager Automation Cartridge: Processing Resource Cost: 10 silicon, 10 gold, 10 silver Durability: 12 Hours Can be used in Refinery and Assembling Machine Automation Cartridge: Printing Resource Cost: 10 silicon, 10 gold, 10 silver Durability: 12 Hours Can be used in 3D Printer - ship editor exterior resource cost no longer updates when in interior mode (should fix some editor lag spikes)

- added button to editor with which the player can update them manually

- paint colour icon in the editor is now also a button to get into paint mode

- Added on screen message + Timer when the game desyncs.


- increased Logicorp Chem plant spawn rate to double the original

- increased S3 Defense Point spawn rate to double the original

- buffed hydrogen so 1 game tick now uses 0.125 hydrogen in the TI hydrogen generator, and 0.1 in the TII hydrogen generator (used to be 0.5 and 0.4)

- fixed missions reward for supply hydropex mission

- increased power output of HSC Excavator

- added vault to HSC Industrial Complex main chamber (will only show up after rebuild option 2 is used)

- increased range of Salvager from 500m to 1000m


- players are now saved properly when a rebuild moves their ships to the storeOtron

- fixed some instances where starter system would not be regenerated when it can't be loaded

- made some changes to logout handling, should prevent players to be saved on no ship

- fixed bug where credit rewards would be given to the crew owner instead of crew members

- fixed bug where crews would internally split into two identical crews when a player relogs (this should fix crew vaults and several other crew issues, might cause some resource duplication in the process of being converted to the new system)

- fixed bug where tutorial would not show "Press Tab to open GRIP message"

- fixed bug where cartridges in hand would not show walking animation

- fixed bug where ship destruction mail would not be sent when owner was on ship

- fixed bug where game would crash when opening map

- fixed bug where game would crash when opening invalid system in holo table

- fixed bug where game would crash if target ship was destroyed while their stats screen was displaying

- fixed bug where game would crash if target drone was destroyed while their stats screen was displaying

- fixed bug where game would crash when a non-existing channel was selected in chat

- fixed bug where game would crash if refinery received invalid resource

- fixed bug where game would sometimes crash if a prop with multiple sub-props was selected

- fixed bug where metadata could be saved incorrectly when loading a capitalized save. (causing system references not to be deleted and potentially increase rebuild version)

- fixed bug where additional spawn rules of mission entities wouldn't do the same thing as normal spawn rules

- fixed bug where server would crash if on incorrect client input in the extractor

- fixed bug where a player's ship could be deleted in a rebuild under certain conditions


- Servers will need to be updated and restarted. Server's and saves can be rebuilt using rebuild option 2 if a vault is desired on the HSC industrial hub main chamber





- added the Vaultron Loan Terminal Provides loans of 250k, 500k and 1m U-Nits

- added a new debt system the player now has a debt counter debt payment will automatically deduct up to 50% from any received income depending on debt amount failing a mission results in added debt debts can be paid off manually at any Vaultron Loan Terminal

- Each faction now starts in their own system Vectron Syx (Hurles Co.) Alpha Ventura (Galactic Trade) Sentinel Prime (Sentinel Security) Scaverion (Drifters) Upgraded Hurles Co. Industrial Complex with more mining capacity Added GT Mining Facility (mining station) in Alpha Ventura Added SSS Resource Collection Hub to Sentinel Prime (mining station)

- each is provided with a HydroPEX Rift Hub to facilitate transport between these 4 systems

- added a new droid at all of the starter stations. On the droid's tablet, the player can change their faction. This will only change the spawn point, no reputation is changed. This can only be done if reputation is neutral or above (except for Drifters, which the player can always change to)

- factions no longer allow the player to spawn on their starter station if the player's reputation is too low (players will be sent an in-game message when this happens)

- added a new screen to the advanced ship stats window to show power used per device type over time

- added ability for fuel bar in stats overview window to be changed to a power battery meter instead

- sub-process saving is now enabled by default, decreasing lag times when saving/loading/joining players (Only works when a new config file is generated, older users will need to set the file manually )


- added indicators when the player receives or loses reputation/cash/debt


- changed mass of batteries from 200 to 500

- changed mass of Nuclear Reactor from 10800 to 48000

- changed small shield generator energy use from 120/tick to 150/tick

- changed large shield generator energy use from 750/tick to 1100/tick

- changed large shield generator shield amount from 5000 to 6500

- changed Tech 3 class I Ion engine from 5000/tick to 6500/tick

- disruptors can now spawn with a skrill level of 3500 instead of 4000

- tweaked all alien spawn rates so they should spawn less

- rebalanced several missions U-nit rewards

- increased size of icons in holotable

- Huge lorry mission now has a random amount of crates to carry and a random resource types

- adjusted small mineable asteroid weights to about a 10th of their original mass


- fixed bug where server would crash on disconnect

- fixed crash in engineering terminal

- fixed crash in unload of character model

- fixed crash in warp assist notifier

- giving items now only works when chat is not active

- fixed bug where ships which where queued for deletion would be added to the store-o-tron when rebuilding

- rebuilding from console command no longer happens off-thread

- full rebuild saves the world before rebuilding

- fixed bug where engineering terminal would display the wrong rooms

- fixed bug where deleted systems would still be linked in metadata

- rebuild world now removes all broken links

- fixed bug where ship owner would not get a message when ship was destroyed by a collision


- existing saves and server saves need to be rebuilt with the third rebuilding option. This will use the new split up faction systems. To update the stations also apply the second rebuilt option after the third has completed. (or stations will not have the loan terminals/faction droids)





- added a new rich ice asteroid, containing water and other ice-field resources

- mission objectives are now automatically shared between crew members

- crew members now also get 50% of the mission's rewards as a bonus. The person who took the mission will still get rewards as before

- added a new asteroid storm event (as a test for random events). Will spawn asteroids around the player, moving in a random direction. the chance of this happening is once every two hours, approximately.

- added a new diagonal wall type

- added ability to give a crate or tool to another player by pressing "E" when pointing at them

- changed crew time-out timer to 7 days of no members being online instead of 10 seconds

- added Disruptor Skrill Spawns in systems with a Skrill rating of 3000 and above has a shield has 1000 hit points warp disruption ability: generates a warp disruption sphere around itself of 4x4km. Disruptor will not move when ability is being used. fires normal Skrill weapons has a max speed between 800 and 1000 m/s when not deployed has the ability to hack into ship systems, like a hacking drone


- light in space now actually comes from the sun and changed lighting accordingly.

- added new shield effect which will only be visible if your shield is hit

- added a change to generate planetary rings around a planet

- added new warp disruption effect

- fixed escape menu confirm popup background image

- fixed faction select screen aspect ratio on extreme wide screen resolutions


- message of the day does now display properly again

- added server option to disconnect ghost clients when a system is unoccupied for a time

- fixed crash in Exterior part of Strip miner

- fix respawning from another star system only costing 20 U-nits

- fixed crash in Cargo Teleporter

- fixed crash when Large Sensor array was selected on Engineering terminal

- fixed crash in refinery UI

- fixed crash in the rendering of a Point Defense Drone Icon

- fixed crash in crew invite window

- fixed crash in respawn menu

- fixed crash in main menu

- fixed crash in editor's resource calculations

NOTES Existing Server and single-player saves will need to be rebuilt using the third rebuild option. This can be done using the admin menu in game (F8), or by typing "rebuildServer 2" in the server's console window.




- Added new Strip Miner device. Can be found in room edit mode > Systems Costs 12,500 Steel, 25,000 Iron, 7,500 Aluminium Has a mass of 250,000 Has 4 arms that can mine different resources from the same asteroid Has a range of 1500m Has an external Laser on the bottom that fires on an asteroid Has a size of 8x8 blocks

- added new, bigger asteroids that can be mined with the Strip Miner

- the options menu can now be called from within the game via the Escape Menu

- Gravitational Anchor now takes rotation into account

- when an object is targeted while you are in warp, an arrow indicator will show when it is recommended to change warp level, along with an estimated time of arrival at current warp level

- password text field can now be confirmed with enter and text field is automatically activated upon popup activation

- scanners can now be toggled on and off in scanner gui

- scanners are now disabled by default

- added a new wall set, includes wall, airvent, window and wall light

- increased ship mode holotable max range to 32km from 16km

- asteroid fields now spawn fully filled with asteroids

- HSC excavator now has scanners disabled by default so it doesn't burn hydrogen for no reason

- rebalanced S3 Peregrine power so it is less confusing for newer players. Weapons now use power from an engine instead of battery + solar panels.

- increased missile speed to make missiles a little more viable against aliens

- implemented delete button for languages (deleting a language also unsubscribes you from the workshop item)


- Optimized non shadowed rendering mode. Objects should no longer turn black when affected by more than 8 lights

- Fixed text fields in main menu going out of bounds

- Reworked Resource scanner interface. Now has a popup to select resources. Also has a button to toggle Scanners

- Changed Skrill HUD icons

- character menu is now also available in the new style


- fixed bug where Skrill Hunters and Skrill bombers would fly away upon a player entering their range

- fixed bug where delete button to delete a saved galaxy would no longer work

- fixed crash on player pistol projectile

- fixed crash on mission boxes

- fixed bug where playes where players would not be prompted to respawn if their ship gets destroyed and they log out (or crash) before respawning

- fixed crash in engineering terminal

- fixed crash in Crew menu rank list UI

- fixed crash in Repair drone UI

- fixed crash in extractor terminal

- fixed crash in Mission terminal

- fixed crash in respawn menu if there was no selectable molecular assembler

- fixed crash in Hydrogen tank hover update when scrolling through inventory

- fixed crash when trying to create damage effects on certain devices

- fixed crash in Ship editor resource calculation when upgrading

- fixed crash when calculating Starter station respawn cost


Servers and existing galaxies will have to be rebuilt with the first rebuild option in the F8 menu for the new asteroids to show up.





- new Skrill enemy, the Stinger, a smaller skrill that sacrifices itself for the greater good (explodes on impact), only found in systems with a Skrill rating above 2000

- lights can now be toggled on and off

- added password protected servers

- toilet doors now have physics and can also open (and close)

- Added new respawn UI now has functionality for respawning on a friendly ship in the same star system, selected from a list contains ships that are in the player's crew and/or fleet as well respawning will cost a small amount of cash depending on the distance respawning within a system has a timer of 15 minutes by default (this does not count for ships within a 100km distance. This value can be changed in server config) you can always respawn at either your starter station or the black pit (in Hadron) GRAPHICS

- POI icons in space now show owner name next to ship name

- added new main menu UI


- added new respawn menu sounds

- added light toggle sounds


- increased distance at which the rift icon is shown to 100km instead of 6km

- increased small sensor array scan power from 10 to 100

- increased large sensor array scan power from 600 to 900

- increased the speed limit of steering system to 2000 from 200


- fixed bug where players would see the starterships from their own server config instead of the server's server config

- fixed bug where players would be teleported to ship upon spawn

- fixed bug where eggnites would spawn when shields where still up

- fixed bug where faction influence would be displayed incorrectly on Rift Generator GUI

- fixed bug where power system would sometimes round recieved power to 0, causing devices to request power indefenitely

- fixed bug where oxygen equalization between rooms would stop working

- fixed bug where faction could be selected before player was fully initialized.

- fixed bug where game could desync on login

- fixed bug where rift POI icon's mass value would not update

- missiles now take the speed of the ship into account so players don't bump into them when shooting while moving

- fixed some bugs where ghost clients would crash on steam ID

- if the server can't find the startersystem, it will now create a new startersystem instead of throwing an error on server side


- servers need to be updated and restarted, rules for systems have to be rebuilt (first rebuilding option in the admin menu)




- added new resources Raw Resources Lead Ore (can spawn in every system) Aluminium Ore (can spawn in every system) Uranium Ore (25% chance to spawn in systems with a Skrill rating of 3000 and above)

Refined Resources Lead (Created from Lead Ore in Refinery) Aluminium (Created from Aluminium Ore in Refinery) Uranium (Created from Uranium Ore in Refinery)

Turbines Iron Turbine (Created in Assembling machine, costs 1200 Iron) Steel turbine (Created in Assembling machine, costs 900 steel) Platinum turbine (Created in Assembling machine, costs 600 Iron + 100 Platinum)

Reactor Fuel Cells Uranium-238 Fuel Cell (Created in Assembling machine, costs: 300 uranium + 150 Iron + 75 Steel + 75 Silicon) Plutonium-239 Fuel Cell (Created in Assembling machine, costs: 4 Depleted Uranium-238 Fuel Cells) Plutonium-241 Fuel Cell (Created in Assembling machine, costs: 4 Depleted Plutonium-239 Fuel Cells)

Depleted Reactor Fuel Cells Uranium-238D Fuel Cell (Created in Nuclear Reactor) Plutonium-239D Fuel Cell (Created in Nuclear Reactor) Plutonium-241D Fuel Cell (Created in Nuclear Reactor) - added new items Heatsink TI (cost: 50 Aluminium, 5 Deuterium) Heatsink TII (cost: 50 Copper, 5 Deuterium) Heatsink TIII (cost: 25 Aluminium, 25 Beryllium, 5 Deuterium) - added Nuclear Reactor cost: 1200 Steel, 1250 Lead, 500 Copper, 500 Silicon, 1500 Aluminium generates power based on core heat up to 4 fuel cells can be inserted fuel cells cannot be removed unless depleted each inserted fuel cell will generate heat (100K, 200K and 500K respectively) up to 2 Turbines can be inserted reactor will only output power if at least one generator is inserted up to 8 heat sinks can be inserted heat sinks will increase max safe temperature of reactor core (50K, 100K, 250K respectively) reactor will start taking damage if temperature is above max safe temperature will explode and damage all devices in the same room if device health reaches 0 explosion will kill all players in the room

- added new large engine thrust: 950K rotational thrust: 500K power usage: 5000/tick mass: 7200 costs: 5250 Steel, 2500 Aluminium, 1500 Copper, 1500 Silicon

- added sub-process saving [EXPERIMENTAL] nearly eliminates player join and save lag spike is disabled by default while on experimental (will be turned on on the experimental test server) can be turned on in the options menu (or setting "CreateGhostClients" to true) will use more CPU on larger saves will create an additional process per active star system these processes do not create console windows, but they can be toggled on by setting "GhostClientConsoleVisible" to true - added listplayers command to server console (lists all currently online players and their Steam Id's)


- re-added Mouse Invert Y axis option

- fixed ship exterior twitching during warp

- when upgrading a ship, its health % will be kept constant

- missions will now regenerate after a delay

- dead players are now properly removed from cockpits

- fixed clicking through respawn UI

- systemstats are now reloaded per generated system when rebuilding rules

- when rebuild world is called and a station is using an old position, it no longer triggers secondary rules like turrets or asteroid fields


- server/client saves will need to be rebuilt using the second rebuild option. This option can be found in the Admin menu (F8).



- tweaked volume of warp charge sound

- tweaked volumes of reactor turbine sounds

- tweaked sound range of reactor core sound


- fixed an issue with the skrill aggro

- fixed a crash when spawning a ship that was saved with turbines left in the reactor

- fixed a couple of issues with the translation tool

- fixed a couple of broken strings in the translation tool

- added missing strings to the translation tool (more specifically the pop-up and hover texts in the main menu)


- servers need to be updated, no further actions required





- added 4 more ammo for repair gun in tutorial;

- tutorial mission can no longer be abandoned;

- 2nd rebuild option now tries to place updated stations at the same location as the old version was removed;

- removed Christmas tree;

- added option to change language;

- added steam workshop integration for language files;

- game no longer saves systems which have not been updated since last save;

- server can now actually disconnect players without them leaving;

- improved performance of editor when accessed from within the game;

- added new cargo mission that will require you to select a ship with adequate cargo capacity (Only available on GT stations for now);

- cargo teleporter can now teleport to mission dropboxes.


- adjusted hunter speed to being based on the ships speed for a better attack;

- adjusted grunt speed to being based on the ships speed for a better attack;

- Skrill Grunt attack damage increased from 20 damage per bullet to 35;

- Skrill Hunter special attack damage increased from 5 damage per bullet to 15;

- Skrill projectile speed increased from 900 to 1200.


- Skrill will now orbit around the player's ship when firing;

- Skrill will occasionally try to ram your ship;

- Skrill no longer run away from bigger ships.


- particles now spawn independent of fps;

- removed holotable snow globe effect;

- changed lead indicator to be yellow and more easy to see;

- changed the look of the options menu;

- options menu is now scrollable and has multiple tabs;

- subscribed workshop languages can now be found in the language tab of the new options menu;

- added an objective selection screen to the top screen of cargo teleporter when teleporting to a dropbox;

- added a ship selection window to mission terminal if a large cargo mission is about to be accepted.


- changed warp sounds to 3D sound and will now properly fade as ship warps away;

- removed Christmas song from jukebox.


- fixed bug where top cargo crates would disappear when they cannot be teleported;

- fixed bug where sound of warp kept playing when pressing F10;

- increased the accuracy of the distance function, is now more accurate over big distances;

- fixed respawn window being enabled for no reason;

- fixed the letter F in Cyrillic.





- repair gun now differentiates between devices and eggnites when aimed at one. eggnites are red, devices are blue;

- repair gun now does not work when out of range;

- repair gun repair beam does not show when out of ammo;

- rift generator now selects a system when using the search bar;

- added reward overview to the final message of a mission;

- added a new, fast paced mission with a short timer for GT;

- added a new Logicorp wing to GT Trade Hub, containing 3D printers;

- added a new, scripted tutorial;

- added new mission log. can be toggled with [L] by default, objectives can be expanded by holding down [L ALT] and clicking on the objective;

- added new mission description pop-up. can be closed by pressing [Delete] by default;

- blueprints from the workshop are now listed with a steam logo in front of them on the ship editor terminal;

- new markers for quests, now also display the distance to the objective on a ship or station;

- missions now show a counter when the objective requires a specific amount of something;

- turrets and skrill now shoot at missiles;

- added objective compass that shows the markers for the objective if any are available;

- added inventory is full message. displays when looking at something that can be picked up but, (and you guessed it), your inventory is full;

- heavily optimized devices to only tick when needed and update at lower frequencies when possible.


- increased entity scan range of missile launcher GUI to 15km instead of 3km;

- missile launcher UI now shows which of the nearby entities are targeted by the holo-table or the cockpit/turret seats;

- fixed missile prices on fort Bragg;

- change some mission rewards, could profit 1.2M from abandoning mission in extreme cases.


- pop-up with mission description upon receiving one;

- added pop-up when you already have 5 missions (max) to mission terminal.


- fixed crash in engineering terminal;

- fixed bug where engineering terminal would sometimes select the wrong room;

- fixed bug where engineering terminal would sometimes move incorrect items to other group;

- fixed crash in Galaxy mode of holo-table;

- fixed multiple spelling errors and other text bugs in mission texts;

- added a back button to the cargo GUI in holo-table;

- fixed bug where hydrogen tank did not update its damage texture/scenes;

- fixed bug where skipping damage levels would also skip damage scenes;

- fixed crash whilst removing cartridges from expansion bays that were removed during an upgrade of a ship;

- doors now properly register as solid objects and are now targetable by Repair gun and G.R.I.P. instead of just the door frame;

- dead players should no longer keep a ship populated;

- offline players are now also moved to the new ship when going through a rift;

- fixed crash in hacking terminal;

- fixed editor menu being visible in screenshot mode for workshop;

- fixed issue where trade station would keep adding ships to it's internal list every frame;

- fixed some wrongly assigned faction station owners to Hurles Co. and GT Missions;

- fixed crash on startup with high memory requirement ship loads;

- optimized ship power system performance;

- fixed several engine crashes on removing or adding entities;

- fixed bug where game might claim load or generate failed while it didn't;

- fixed refinery amount input field size;

- fixed a bug with ships being removed if the uninhabited flag fails to accurately update;

- offline players are now correctly updated when a ship moves through a rift;

- fixed some station ownership messages with certain ships generated from missions;

- fixed a bug with ships immediately disappearing after being retrieved from a store-o-tron.





- added Torpedo Launcher: can be found under Room Edit Mode > Systems; can be added to weapon groups; can hold 4 missiles; requires 1000 power per firing sequence; missiles can be fired from cockpit the same way guns can; missiles affect faction reputation when an NPC station/drone is hit; - added a new station, the LogiCorp ChemPlant, the only station that contains the new TNP resource as loot, only spawns in systems with a LogiCorp rating above 3500;

- added a new resource; TNP, also known as picric acid: can only be found on the LogiCorp ChemPlant station; used in the construction of Advanced Missiles; can not be sold or bought; - added Advanced Missile: created in the Assembling Machine from 40 Brass, 30 Steel, 100 TNP; does 10,000 damage, has a speed of 800 m/s; can not be sold or bought; - added Missile: created in the Assembling Machine from 40 Brass, 30 Steel, 70 Nitrous Oxide; does 1,000 damage, has a speed of 600 m/s; - Disposers disposing missiles will fire them in a straight line.

- Reworked holotable System mode: shows entire solar system by default; will group objects that are close together (i.e stations around planets). - added new reticule to plasma pistol. will flash red when a player or device is hit;

- players will now recieve a mail when their ship is destroyed, indicating the cause;

- players will now receive a mail when their ship is stored, containing the station name and system;

- added power deficit counter to engineering terminal group window;

- added power indicator to engineering terminal for batteries;

- generators can now be toggled on and off with the engineering terminal;

- added holster hotkey "H" rebind options coming soon;

- increased size of selection are for holotable objects.


- optimized holotable performance.


- turrets and skrill now shoot at missiles.


- fixed bug where game would crash if weapons were placed in a weapon rack;

- fixed bug where bullets referenced non-existent pistol transform or mesh when unequipping or dying just after shooting;

- fixed bug where beam origin components were not invalidated when the a repairgun is unloaded;

- fixed an issue with the engineering terminal where deleting the default group could invalidate all devices on a ship (with special thanks to Breea);

- fixed bug where ship editor would crash when trying to load a ship without any power groups;

- fixed bug where engineering terminal's group deletion event would be tied to the "X" button instead of the "confirm deletion" button;

- added more advanced ship removal logging;

- fixed bug where chunks sometimes would unfairly be treated as active;

- fixed some crashes in the bulletin board;

- fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the application to crash in the assembling machine UI;





- added SI-3 Plasma Pistol: created in 3D Printer using 50 Brass, 50 Steel, 25 Silicon; cannot be fired on Invulnerable stations (i.e. the starting area); - added Plasma Pistol Ammo : created in 3D Printer using 25 Iron, 25 Nitrous Oxide, 50 Hydrogen; will hurt a player for 10 health when fired; will hurt a device for 2 damage when fired; - added Food Cartridges: created in 3D Printer using 50 Alien Biomatter; will heal a player for 10 per use for a max of 5 uses - player has 100 hp; - added console command "purgeAdmins" which demotes all admins to user (but not super admin);

- added console command "setSuperAdmin [id]" which sets the super admin to a specific player and demotes the previous to admin;

- added console command "findSteamID [id]" to find a players steam id;

- added console command "printStoreOTron [steamID]" to print a players store-o-tron;

- added console command "allowRetrieveEverywhere [steamID]" to allow a player to retrieve ships from store-o-tron;

- rebuild option 2 now gives global store-o-tron access;

- reworked spawning of resources in asteroid fields: now accurately follow the values displayed on holotable system stats page; rare resources gold, platinum and beryllium still spawn in Hadron, other rare resources only in other systems; every field can now contain rare resources.


- lowered near clipping plane to avoid clipping of hands on higher FOV;

- reworked graphics of health and oxygen bar.


- rifts now spawn somewhere in front of the ship instead of somewhere around them.


- fixed several crashes in ship editor GUI;

- fixed crash in teleporter GUI;

- fixed crash in Trade GUI;

- fixed crash in defense drone GUI;

- super admin id is now saved in galaxy metadata;

- fixed bug where admin rights of offline players could not be changed;

- fixed bug where client would sometimes not show stored ship in Store-o-tron;

- fixed bug where scout mission locations would spawn at 0,0,0 (inside the sun) if a system was not yet loaded;

- inactive chunk remover should no longer be able to remove ships with players on them;

- rifts no longer transport ships which were already being transported;

- fixed bug where the life support and ammo loader could duplicate resources when standing on a very specific distance from them;

- fixed bug where tools could be duped by spamming on every device with a tool inventory;

- fixed bug where grip would no longer understand it being connected to a device after killing the server;

- device damage effects now only play when a device has less than 90% health;

- fixed an issue where variables wouldnt be initialized correctly due to serializing issues;

- fixed bug where admin menu would sometimes show incorrect server rights for players. Should now fix itself when a player logs in or a players server rights are changed;

- more feedback when systems fail to load;

- remove system from load list when load fails;

- fix possible crash on repair beam;

- fixed bug where game would crash when switching to device edit mode and selecting a shield generator when upgrading a ship;

- fixed bug where life support, ammo tank, power batteries and power cells would save their values when saving in upgrade ship mode;

- power editor now tries to find non-used group names;

- fixed bug where pilot hover text would not show;

- fixed an issue where the heads of drones would come along in warp;

- fixed bug where drones would allways spawn on one side of the station.




- Halloween Update -


- left alt key can now be held to unlock mouse cursor from camera to ease use of UI screens;

- added candy resource;

- added candy asteroids;

- pumpkins can now randomly be found on stations;

- device damage is now also concidered in repair costs;

- ships can now be repaired when only their devices are damage;

- added several halloween props, can be found under prop edit mode > furniture.


- decorated starter stations for halloween;

- added several new halloween props (all of them require candy to construct).


- fixed crash in ship editor power edit mode;

- fixed crash in unloading of damage beam;

- fixed bug where clients could crash the server by leaving the server while initiating warp;

- fixed crash in repair drone interface;

- fixed main menu volume slider not working.




- upgraded chat: chat can now be scaled (75%, 100%, 125%), and autoscales on resolution; autocomplete on usernames, by pressing tab; pasting now works; clicking on a player's username will now autostart a whisper;

- added filter options to the ship flight interface, replacing the old X, Y, Z coordinate screen;

- added a keybinding to rebind the camera rotate key in the editor (standard "LEFT ALT");

- when hovering over a group of point of interest indicators in the ship flight UI while holding down the target key (default "T"), you can now move your cursor around to select on of the targets;

- disposer now no longer spawns dumped cargo on top of each other;

- resolution settings now only list resolutions compatible with your displays;

- resource delivery missions can now go cross system;

- solar panels now become less efficient when they are damaged;


- players can now see other players using repair tools;

- repair drones now show repair beams;

- fixed glowy bits on player models becoming transparent.


- added combat free zone, with a range of 3km, around the faction starter stations in hadron.


- optimized character animations;

- optimized physics - re-enabled the broad phase after it had been disabled due to issues with extremely large distances;

- fixed multiple desyncing issues;

- fixed holotable targeting (holotable rework is in the works to increase performance and usability);

- fixed an issue with certain missions where players with full inventories would not get the mission resources, but would accept the mission, making it impossible to complete;

- fixed negative credits or resources blocking transactions;

- fixed an issue where players could send missions resources to their vault, but not retrieve them;

- fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when teleporting.





- reworked point of interest indicators in the ship flight interface: indicators now rotate around a circle instead of the edge of the screen; indicator text labels no longer stack on top of each other but form a stack which expands when hovered over; indicators that point to objects behind the ship now show a small arrow indicator; targets can now be deselected by pressing "Y" (hotkey rebind option incoming); - other players now display an animation when the GRIP is in use;

- thrusters and enigines can now be damaged;

- added repair drones: can be bought at trade stations or assembled in the assembling machine; resource cost are 150 brass, 300 iron, 150 silicon; repair drones can be activated by ejecting them out of a disposer and retrieved with a salvager; repair drones need iron to function and can hold 1800 iron or 3 full crates; repair drones have the ability to find iron in space, to load a repair drone eject a crate of iron from a disposer. Then from the sensor list on a terminal a drone can be set to collect iron, the drone will search for iron in the vicinity; repair drones can be set to repair any ship in the vicinity through the sensor tab on a terminal; they have a follow function which will follow any target ship untill it goes outside of a 4km range; - added new enemy, Skrill Hunter: is much faster than the Skrill Grunt; fires two projectiles, a standard damage projectile and sometime an Eggnite projectile; Eggnite projectiles form Eggnites on the ship which attach to energy related devices such as; generators, batteries, and power cells, which they will proceed to drain; Eggnites can be destroyed with the damage beam of a repair gun or by repairing the ship at a HydroPEX service depot or at a Store-o-Tron; - added engineering terminal: engineering terminal can be found under prop edit mode > systems; gives the option to create and delete power groups while walking around on the ship; gives the option to transfer devices between power groups; gives the option to view devices on a group and room level; gives the option to enable and disable all devices, airflow, and doors on a room level; cannot disable itself; gives an overview per device where the status and health is displayed and the device can be turned on and off; - added some more mission titles and resources;

- teleporters can now be turned off and on with the GRIP;

- you can now press the up and down arrow keys in the chat to cycle between your previous messages.


- rebalanced mission rewards (mostly for missions that have objectives in other systems), are now much more rewarding and many give resources needed to travel from system to system;

- rebalanced Skrill Grunt spawn rates.


- other players now have more noticable look animations;

- added images for all missing devices in the information kiosk.


- rebalanced volume of music;

- rebalanced fading times of music.


- optimized the spawning and despawning of damage effect particles;

- fixed an issue with player first person animations where they would be 1 frame off;

- fixed bug where warp charge could not be cancelled;

- fixed bug where firing animation of repair gun loops forever;

- fixed /r in chat sending messages to the wrong person.




- added modify option to the ship editor terminal when activated it asks you to select a ship in the vicinity to modify this mode will try to keep all devices and cargo aboard a ship in the same state unles altered in the editor. you cannot apply modifications on a ship with passengers on board if you removed any items in modify mode they will be placed on cargo storage aboard the ship, or when non are available on cargo storage aboard the ship you are making the modifications from when there is a vault on the ship you are making modifications to any surplus resources will go into the vault modified ships are unlisted, if you want to have the changes saved to a blueprint you can save via the menu

- added a lot more information to the ship editor, such as power consumption, power storage and oxygen dispense rate

- added new drone options to the sensor tab on terminals, you can now set drones to target specific units, or attack any ship that is not in your fleet.

- added Gravitational Anchor, this large device will keep ships and stations in place. when forced from their locations they will slowly return to the point where the Anchor was last activated can be found in the ship editor under prop edit mode > systems

- HydroPEX now first fills up your fuel tanks when buying hydrogen, when the tanks are full they fill up your cargo pads

- added more descriptions for devices that previously had none

- moved join via IP options in the server window

- servers can now chat to the game by typing: say "MESSAGE"

- servers now display a message when saving

- you can now save via the console window by typing: save


- rebalanced sound levels for faction music

- rebalanced sound levels for click sound

- some changes to the timing on when music starts playing


- added animation interpolation, animations now run at the same framerate as the game and are uncapped

- signs now also colour their border

- reworked options menu in the editor to be more clear

- added different colours for different power groups in the editor


- fixed a crash when teleporting after a player had been in the editor

- fixed a bug with the reload animation of the repair gun

- fixed a bug with missing player animations

- fixed a bug with the female look animations

- fixed an issue with loading ships in the editor while modifying a ship

- fixed some collision issues with the skrill

- fixed an issue with an interaction between the tutorial and servers

- fixed station core not reacting to damage

- fixed an issue with certain missions that had the wrong rewards




- fixed a bug where players would not survive a rebuilding correctly

- fixed a bug where the default system would no longer be Hadron after rebuilding

- fixed a bug with crews and fleets. If you are still in a crew that is bugged receiving an invite from another crew should fix it.



- Ships that were already in the store-o-tron before the rebuild will now show upafter rebuilding the rules (F8 Menu) and be available to be unstored (no ship has been deleted)



- reworked the config file, now saves settings in config.json instead of config.xml

- added subcategories to editor items, for example, life support systems now displays a list when hovered over with all the air vents available

- added some tips to the editor, can be disabled by clicking the "do not show any tips" button, or in the options menu under the editor options

- added character options screen to main menu, for now only gives you the option to choose between a male and a female model, more customization options coming soon

- reworked how server rebuilding works, you now have three options: mode 1: Updates generation rules. Does not delete any stations or ships, but newly discovered space sectors or newly generated space sectors in a system get updated rules. mode 2: Regenerates all static stations. Cancels all accepted missions, and performs the actions of mode 1. mode 3: Moves all player built ships and stations to the Store-o-Tron in the default system. Cancels all missions. Deletes all systems, except for the default system which is cleared completely and regenerated, including planet generation.

- scrap has weight now, about 75% of the refined version

- added new character prediction code to network library


- added little "+" icons to the buttons in the editor that have drop-down menus

- added new character models, male and female

- added animation blending to help with character animations

- added death animations

- added impact particles to repair beam, tweaked beam visuals


- added new music to the four starter factions

- added tension music when enemies are near

- added combat music when in combat

- added 3 exploration music tracks

- added 1 mining tracks

- music levels balance with jukebox


- fixed a bug where tools would use the wrong orientation when spawning on stations

- ships generated by missions are no longer treated as player ships, and are now properly removed on rebuild

- removed a lot of data in save files

- fixed cartridges having the wrong effect on the miner, extractor and the assembling machine




- fixed an issue with the medium powercell draining power when full

- fixed an issue with the small powercell draining power when full

- fixed a bug where the holotable would keep the current state instead of switching to on when fixed

- fixed an issue with the ship editor UI where the category buttons would render in the wrong order

- rebalanced repair gun ammo spawnrate (chance multiplied by 8, these can only be found on rebuild servers)

- fixed a crash on the faction screen on the GRIP

- fixed an issue with the database when rebuilding servers



- last patch only fixed the power batteries by mistake, power cells included this time

- fixed the offset rotation of one of the attachment points in the locker

- fixed an error in power calculations in the power graphs



- added screens to vault with vault name and number


- fixed power cells and power batteries not outputting any power unless damaged

- fixed screen render order

- fixed names of new windows

- removed the teleporter which is being used from the list of available teleporters



- added 11 new windows to the editor, can be found under room edit mode > windows, sizes vary from 1x1 tile to 2x3

- devices can now be damaged if the ship's hull is hit by bullets or collisions when the shield is down. damage depends on location of impact and proximity to the hull life support - decreases oxygen production, generates carbon faster, and stops working when 100% damaged airvents - decreases oxygen flow, stops working when 100% damaged generators - loses generation rate, stops working doors - random chance to open, the chance of this increasing with it's damage level shield generator - decreases hit points, stops working fuel tank - loses fuel slowly power cell & power battery - lose power slowly cockpits - have a chance to stop processing input from the pilot for a few seconds teleporter - randomly doesn't engage, stops working at 100% damaged cargo teleporter - randomly doesn't engage, stops working at 100% damaged turret - randomly refuses to fire terminals - damage effects ship editor terminal - damage effects extractor - decreases mine speed, loses resources, stops working at 100% damaged salvager - decreases mine speed, loses resources, stops working at 100% damaged refinery - decreases refine speed, loses resources, stops working at 100% damaged assembling machine - same as refinery 3D printer, decreases speed, stops working respawner - random chance to open, the chance of this increasing with it's damage level transponder - will display a random set of characters ammo loader - chance to eject ammo when being fired, increasing with damage level data core terminal - increases durability decay, less efficient cartridges data core bay - increases durability decay, less efficient cartridges hacking terminal - increases durability decay, less efficient chipsets, decreases hacking speed holotable - stops working when 100% damaged, randomly toggles on and off riftgenerator - randomly uses more Xanthium, slower charge locker - random chance to open disposer - random change of working

- Store-o-tron and HydroPEX service kiosk repair option now also repairs damaged devices

- added LogiCorp C51 repair tool to repair broken devices can be created in the 3D printer for 100 Iron + 50 Copper + 25 Silicon has a screen that shows the health of the device you're pointing at, and the repair tool's ammo status - added repair tool ammo can be created in the 3D printer for 25 Iron + 25 Copper can be stored in locker or vault can be found as loot in stations

- added weapon racks located in room edit mode > furniture used to store up to 8 LogiCorp C51 repair tools can be stored in locker or vault


- added damage effects

- added damage textures

- screens will flicker on damaged devices


- fixed bug where deterministic random could not exceed 32768

- particles should no longer lag behind their source. this should fix the particles glitching out on the engines.

- fixed issue where a green screen would be displayed if HBAO is enabled

- baking of ships is now done off thread. this should drastically reduce lag spikes when new ships are loading in when flying.

- fix Steam screenshots by hooking into Steam using their API

- fixed bug where game would crash when a ship gets destroyed

- fixed bug where attached objects, like the one held in the players hands, would lag 1 frame behind the renderer

- ships retrieved from store-o-tron will now have their throttle reset to 0




- fixed an issue with missions crashing when handing in resources

- fixed a crash with the ship flight interface

- fixed a crash with the cargo teleporter interface

- fixed some issues with server multi-threading



- added search option to rift generator to allow searching for systems

- added rss feed with the latest patch notes to the main menu

- added gui scale slider to the options menu

- added button that opens Steam overlay to the wiki from within the editor

- reworked layout of ship editor

- added new glass fences to editor under prop edit mode > walkways


- reworked visuals of ship editor


- rebalanced stock and demand of stations


- fixed ship mass of other ships in the sensors tab actually listing your own mass

- optimized ship loading and unloading

- fixed a bug where creating a new ship would not work

- fixed an issue with ships not going the proper speed at full throttle

- fixed HydroPEX rift hub not having any devices

- fixed the black pit not having any defense drones

- fixed bullet collisions not working when going over a 2^32*128 meters limit




- fixed an issue with servers when hitting a 1000 active cells



- added Vaultron Galactic Bank, static station that sometimes appears in systems other than hadron

- missions are now removed on rebuild

- changed text of some missions


- fixed a desync issue when going through rifts

- fixed multiple quests that where broken with the expanded systems

- fixed cargo teleporter not unloading properly



- added terminals to HydroPEX rift hub, can be used to check the mass of other ships


- fixed an issue where players would go through rifts and end up in the middle of a star

- fixed an issue with server caches not being cleared properly

- fixed a crash within the ship flight UI

- added extra information when rebuilding a system, now displays how many of total systems are done



- enabled 8 more warp levels (press W and S to increase/decrease speed)

- warp autodrops when getting to close to celestial bodies

- warp now uses power relative to the weight of a ship at 50 per tick per warp level plus the weight of the ship divided by a thousand Warplevel * (50 + ( weight / 1000))

- added stars to systems

- added basic planets to systems

- flying to close to stars and planets will cause damage to your ship (warping into a star or planet is lethal)

- ships are now temp invulnerable after dropping from warp

- added GT Trans System Sphere, a station with a rift generator and trade stalls

- ion engines no longer consume power when in warp

- distances now update unit of measure

- added ship mass overview to the cargo panel in ship stats on the GRIP devices and ship terminals

- reworked missions to spawn near planets

- starter stations and static stations now always spawn near planets

- helm gui now displays system name

- you can now target things without the need for weapons

- starter system skybox now initializes correctly

- warp button is now also the stop warp button

- transponder is now visible system wide


- reworked warp tunnel effect slightly


- rebalanced warp level 1 from 50km/s to about 5km/s

- rebalanced spawn rates of stations, asteroid fields and skrill, are now not distance dependent


- fixed permissions aboard the HydroPEX water mining facility

- fixed HydroPEX small rift hub not having the correct trades

- fixed a bug where the game could crash on mission generation

- fixed a bug where the server could crash on rigid bodies

- fixed an issue with crew time-outs




- optimized raycasts, you might notice some difference in clickable area on devices such as the refinery, vault and assembing machine. This optimization eliminates a lot of stuttering that was especially noticable on lower framerates.

This fix will not apply when near a rift generator or holotable, these still use the old system.

- optimized garbage collection

- fixed an issue where missions would not fail correctly when the player was offline



- added warp functionality requires 100 power per tick to the helm otherwise it drops you from warp can be activated through the helm gui can be deactivated through the helm gui and the stop engines key, default [X] warp speed is 50km per second

- reworked teleporter gui, now displays more information

- reworked cargo teleporter gui to display more information

- added 7 more exterior 2x2x1 blocks to allow some more sloping options

- mission drop box now autoselects top most mission

- added loading screen tips

- added manage option to ship access menu that allows ship owners to quickly set manage rights for everyone in a fleet, crew or group


- increased rift jump range from 25 to 30

- rebalanced random rift spawn rate and buffed mass

- charged range of transponder signal to 150.000 km

- changed range of beacons to be system wide


- fixed HydroPEX water mining facility not spawning

- fixed trade stats of Hydropex small rift hub

- fixed some more issues with memory not being cleaned up properly for servers

- fixed an issue with missions having no player attached causing server crashes

- fixed refinery and assembling machine labels

- fixed crew not updating properly after someone left the server, now auto disbands and kicks after 5 minutes

- fixed config not loading




- fixed some issues with lingering event handlers on servers

- HydroPEX Rift Hub poi indicator is now always visible

- fixed bug where admin ship list would not automatically scroll to the top of the list after searching

- some small updates to get better error reports



- fixed windows mouse cursor being visible ingame

- fixed a crash with certain vaultron missions

- fixed an issue with scrolling in the mission terminal

- fixed bug where servers would eat more memory than google chrome

- servers no longer remember interior and exterior prop lists

- fixed an issue where servers could deadlock

- game no longer crashes on invalid respawners when attempting to respawn

- fixed a crash on exit

- fixed a crash in the bulletin board gui



- fixed bug where dropbox would show missions which where not aimed for that station

- fixed bug where game would crash if selling resources with mission resources in hand

- fixed bug where clicking a sensor array in power connection mode in the editor would cause the game to crash

- fixed bug where server would crash when loading device state would fail

- fixed bug where server would crash when it decided to save while systems where being removed

- fixed bug where game would crash when viewing mission info

- fixed bug where game would crash upon viewing an already deleted asteroid in the extractor

- fixed bug where admin menu would crash if a ship had been removed between two update ticks


24 JUNE - mission stations now have the same settings as generated stations

- added new missions: resource manufacturing missions scout missions new delivery missions new supply missions new combat missions - missions now spawn according to the faction specialization (GT has trade related missions, Sentinel Security Systems has more combat related missions, etc)

- added 11 new stations to system generation and updated all other stations to have a deposit area and a bulletin board

- missions can now have objectives in other systems, bulletin boards always try to have a minimum of three local missions

- added small bulletin board to editor can be found under Prop edit mode > Admin models (uses same icon as bulletin board)

- added new rebindable hotkeys for easy access to the message center (M), the diplomacy window (X), the device manager (C) and the stats window (V)

- systems are now only loaded when used

- missions can now use existing stations instead of generating new stations for every mission


- holotable and rift generator now have an indicator on systems where players have active missions


- added new music to the editor


- stations now spawn resources more related to their function instead of fully randomized resources

- rebalanced spawning rates of all stations

- skrill are more aggresive now


- fixed an issue with the oxygen dispenser

- fixed an issue with door collisions

- fixed an issue with certain lights that sometimes caused them to appear black

- fixed labels in server list

- fixed helm glass materials not rendering properly

- fixed rewards list not scrolling together with the missions list on the bulletin board

- fixed workshop sometimes refusing to download files



DATE: 9 Jun, 2016


- The Black Pit now has some more power generation to avoid it going out of power

- starter ships now have a 5 minute cooldown period during which you cannot purchase another one

- starter ships now give heavily reduced resources on salvage (5k iron, 1.5k copper)


- ammo loader now uses steel instead of silicon


- fix for mouse issue when chat window is activated

- crash course alert is now calculated once instead of once per cockpit

- catch bug where entity would be already added to tile

- optimized the performance of Life Support Molecular Assembler 3d Printer Cargo Teleporter Doors Signs - added some safe checks on spawn ship crash

- fixed bug where game would sometimes crash when switching systems

- fixed bug where game would sometimes crash on saving galaxy

- fixed bug where starter system's faction values were off after a rebuild, causing no stations to spawn


- servers need to be updated and rebuilt using the F8 admin menu


DATE: 7 Jun, 2016


- added new defense drones can be build in the assembling machine costs: 150 brass, 150 copper, 300 iron can be deployed from disposer can be retrieved from salvager

- reworked chat to have separate channels for crew, fleet, ship, server, and all chat

- chat now supports scrolling

- systems faction influence can now be influenced by player actions, killing aliens for example lowers their presence and doing missions for a faction increases their influence


- added light to assembling machine that pops on when something is ready

- added new particles for bullets


- added new music to main menu


- rebalanced stock and price deviants of alien biomatter, and rare resources

- aliens and drones now fire in bursts

- added store-o-tron to the black pit


- freecam (F3) now locks character (can no longer use "E" to activate anything)

- players are no longer able to send empty messages in the chat

- missions are now generated when nobody is on stations

- fixed play solo game menu button

- holomap now resets in rift generator after rift jump, fixing issues with range indication on systems (now turn red on correct distance)

- after a rebuild, stored ships can be retrieved on any stor-o-tron in that system, instead of from all stor-o-tron near the station that ships were stored on

- fixed issues with word wrap in confirm menus

- fixed issues invisible physics mesh for turrets

- signs should no longer show edit mode briefly when entering their range

- removed device from holotable 1, which spawned a holosphere scene on the origin point of a ship

- fixed nullref crash in invite player to fleet gui


- servers need to be updated and rebuilt using the F8 admin menu



DATE: 1 Jun, 2016


- fixed an issue where servers would corrupt the meta data of systems that were cleared when no player had been present for a certain amount of time

- fixed an issue where randomly generated rifts would spawn with the wrong rules


- servers need to be updated and restarted, no rebuilds required


DATE: 31 May, 2016


- fixed index out of range issue with trade terminals

- systems now unload when not updated in over 10 minutes

- fixed an issue where non existing rooms could divide by zero

- splash screen now uses master volume slider

- fixed an issue where the config file would not save correctly

- fixed an issue where bullets could cause desyncs on loading or receiving states

- fixed an issue where factions could be invalid in the mission generator

- large shield generator now disables effects when turned off

- fixed issue with shield materials not having the proper rendering order


- servers have to be restarted and updated, no rebuilds required


DATE: 25 May, 2016


- replaced the information window on the rift generator to always display selected system stats


- added new icon for skrill


- fixed bug where the purple skybox would never be used

- fixed resource prices being the wrong way around on the bulletin board

- factions are now loaded correctly over systems

- game no longer crashes on resyncing objects that no longer exist

- fixed a bug with the holotable mouse-over hovertext

- fixed a bug with fleet and crew info not loading correctly over systems


- servers need to be updated and need to restart.

Special note:

Do not rebuild servers as store-o-trons in generated systems will not correctly save the ships, they will still be there but you will not be able to access them.


DATE: 24 May, 2016


- added rift generator model to editor and game, can be found under prop edit mode > systems rift generator creates a rift at a random position near the ship with the generator on board rifts have a mass limit which can be set in the generator everytime a ship passes through a rift the mass is subtracted from the rift's total rifts decay over time at a rate of 20 per second you can select a system up to 25 light years away rift generator uses 1,000,000 power for every rift generated uses xanthium, di-xanthium, and tetra-xanthium xanthium for mass ranges from 0 - 100,000 di-xanthium for mass ranges from 100,000 - 1,000,000 tetra-xanthium for mass ranges from 1,000,000 - 10,000,000 rifts disappear when the mass limit reaches zero

- added five new resources to the game, Xanthium, Di-Xanthium, Tetra-Xanthium, Deuterium, and Beryllium. deuterium is made from water, for every 1000 water put in the refinery you can make 1 deuterium beryllium can be found in zinc fields as a rare resource xanthium is made from 100 nitrogen, 1 deuterium and 1 beryllium, you will receive 100 xanthium from these resources in the refinery di-xanthium is made from 100 nitrogen, 1 xanthium and 1 mercury, you will receive 100 di-xanthium from these resources in the refinery tetra-xanthium is made from 100 nitrogen, 1 di-xanthium and 1 osmium, you will receive 100 tetra-xanthium from these resources in the refinery

- added a new station to the system generator, the HydroPEX Rift Hub, which sells xanthium and has a rift generator on board.

- added random rifts to the system generator

- changed the way resource spawning works you can now check for available resources in the holotable you can now check for available default stations in the holotable you can now see the prevelance of factions in systems in the holotable

- added galaxy mode to holotable when zoomed out it prioritizes showing systems with high influence and higher amounts of stations for performance

- added search bars to fleet and crew invite


- added new skyspheres to the game, which change depending on the system

- replaced third screen on refinery


- rebalanced the price of alien biomatter


- fixed animations of life support systems upon entering a ship

- fix crash in disposer

- admin menu search list for players uptomized

- fix ability to set power group with an empty name


- servers need to be updated and rebuild using the F8 admin menu



DATE: 6 May, 2016


- fixed an issue where upon re-entering a ship the cartridges would spawn at the ship origin, and not in the lockers

- fixed an issue with desync code being run despite there being no desyncs

- fixed an issue with the assembler gui

- fixed an issue with server rebuilds

- now logging ship destruction and removal to get better insight in what happens to ships

- optimized server code


- servers need to update and restart, no rebuild required


DATE: 5 May, 2016


- The Black Pit now has drone defenses

- missions markers now display the name of the mission instead of "Objective Marker"

- rebalanced rare resource cargo missions


- fixed a performance issue with turrets

- fixed an issue with retrieve cargo missions


- servers need to be updated and rebuild using the F8 admin menu


DATE: 4 May, 2016


- added holotable to editor and game, can be found under prop edit mode > systems

holotable can display all entities in the galaxy you can target ships, aliens, stations, drones and entities (not minable asteroids) holotable can display local area and system wide can be locked to any targetable entity

- added three new missions to the game, one where you receive cargo to transport to a given location, and one where you need to acquire cargo and transport it, and a third one where you have to retrieve cargo.

- added dropbox model to editor and stations, this is where cargo missions can be completed, it can be found in the editor under room edit mode > admin models

- added confirmation window to admin options


- enabled HBAO+ ingame

- better filtering for text


- fixed a performance issue with lockers

- fixed an issue with the teleporter map

- improved fort bragg performance issues

- fixed an issue with the hydrogen tank

- fixed an issue where the game would crash when trying to start a second instance of the server


- servers need to be updated and rebuild using the F8 admin menu



DATE: 21 Apr, 2016


- fixed an issue with scanning some entities

- fixed an issue with the store-o-tron

- fixed an issue with universe generation


- servers need to update and restart, no rebuild required


DATE: 20 Apr, 2016


- added enemy Skrill to the game, they swarm through the galaxy looking for interesting objects they focus on objects within a 2km range they lose focus when outside a range of 4km

- added alien meat to the game, a new resource that can be salvaged from the remains of killed Skrill

- added mission terminal and bulletin board to the game and editor under Room Edit Mode > Admin Models you can get missions from the mission terminals on stations there are only kill missions as of now, with many more types coming soon bulletin board also displays current trade prices you can have a maximum of five missions active missions will time-out after long periods of time (at least a full week)

- reworked targeting, now you need to aim, (or mouse-over) at the thing you want to target, increased targeting range severely

- detailed info of POI indicators is now only shown when the cursor is near

- added defense drones to all generated stations, to defend against the Skrill

- reworked Fort Bragg interior and exterior

- added new cartridge that boosts weapon damage

- updated exterior camera location

- added new random station Joeyray's junk Emporium, sells and buys scrap


- reworked status messages, now display in the middle of the screen for a short while before being minimized in the upper left

- added a new graph to the advanced statistics panel that shows the current total drain including storage


- rebalanced thrusters - increase in thrust

- rebalanced ammo, zinc and shell prices - all cheaper now


- fixed an issue, server would run into problems when attempting to fire turrets which are not assigned to a group

- mounted turret now displays drain and peak in editor

- salvaging now checks steam id instead of name in the gui

- fixed bug where physics resync would sometimes give errors

- fixed bug where debris would be launched when a ship was destroyed

- diplomatic status now updates in main window after paying bounties

- cockpit (small) type II now no longer occludes objects behind it


- servers need to be updated and rebuilt using the F8 menu



DATE: 5 Apr, 2016


- medbay door now has indicator to display status (locked, offline, default, permission granted)

- you now receive a welcome mail when joining a faction

- the assembler and refinery now give more detailed recipe explanations

- point defense drones now make sounds when firing

- added search bars to editor save and load menu

- added HBAO+ support, test version, for now only in editor

- mining outpost requires a level 1 standing (friendly) standing


- rebalanced the way max speed is calculated on a ship, now has a semi-soft cap

- rebalanced ship speeds, speeds more like old flight model from before 0.1.19


- fixed hole in locker model

- fixed multiple issues with lockstep state that caused the game to desync

- fixed a crash with 3D printer

- fixed a crash with assembling machine

- there is now a cap on the max amount of particles that can be spawned

- fixed a crash with selecting some 4k resolutions

- fixed a crash with trying to buy ships on non-faction ships

- fixed a crash with inviting crew members


- servers need to be updated and restarted, no rebuild required