Server Config

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The server config file contains most server configuration settings.

Ghost Clients

Setting Description Required rebuild Default
GhostClientStartCountThreshold How many times a ghost client can be started in GhostClientStartCountResetDurationInSeconds before being prevented from starting for GhostClientPreventStartDurationInSeconds No 10
GhostClientStartCountResetDurationInSeconds No 120
GhostClientPreventStartDurationInSeconds No 300
GhostClientStartCountThresholdEnabled Whether to enable the ghost client start count threshold No True
GhostClientHeartbeatIntervalInSeconds The interval in which heartbeats are sent to ghost clients No 5
GhostClientHeartbeatTimeoutInSeconds After how long a ghost client should be killed when it doesn't respond to heartbeats No 60
GhostClientHeartbeatEnabled Whether to enable ghost client heartbeats No True
MaxTimeToCacheSystemSaveDataInTicks How long to cache save data received from ghost clients, a high number may result in server hiccups when a player logs in or rifts to another system No 100


Setting Description Required rebuild Default
ServerName The name that will advertise the server in the server list No IsR Server