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The translation tool is a small piece of additional software included with Interstellar Rift (from version e0.1.37), it allows for the uploading of translation files to the Steam workshop. The tool can be found in the installation folder of Interstellar Rift ("Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Interstellar Rift\Build").

How to make a translation

In the installation folder of Interstellar Rift ("Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Interstellar Rift\Content\Languages") you will find "localisation-en.json", this file can be edited with any text editor and includes every line of text in Interstellar Rift. A copy of this file can be made to create additional translation files for the game.

If opened the file shows the following information at the top or bottom:

 "Gameversion": "0.1.36",
 "TranslationVersion": "1",
 "Language": "eng",
 "Name": "English (built-in)",
 "PublishedFileId": "0",

Here you can set the name of your translation file ("Name": "yournamehere"), all the other options will be automatically set by the Translation Tool.

Looking below that information the file divides into many subcategories such as:

   "Ammo Loader": {
     "100001": "Ammunition",
     "100004": "Group: {0}",
     "100005": "No Group",
     "100006": "Remove Crate",
     "100007": "Insert Crate",

The name on the top of each subcategory can not be changed as it is used as an identifier to locate the translated lines.

The numbers in front of the translation strings can also not be changed. Please note, any numbers in between "{}" must remain, as they are used to insert dynamic information into the text lines of the game. For example in the line; "{0} invites you to join their crew.", the "{0}" indicates a player name that is later on inserted into the line.

Please also take care to maintain any spaces at the beginning of a line, as they might be inserted directly after existing text.

When completed or to see your progress you can either replace the contents of the original translation file, (make sure to keep a backup!) or upload your new translation file to the Steam Workshop.

Uploading a translation file

Translation Tool

You can upload a translation file with the Translation Tool found in the installation folder of Interstellar Rift. After booting you can select a file to upload by clicking the "select file" button. Once selected you must set the language of the file, from the language drop down list. Once set you can hit the "upload" button to upload the file to the workshop (this might take a minute).

You can find your file through your Steam application, or the Steam website. Hover over your username and select "Content", here you will find your workshop items.

Click on your translation file and hit the "subscribe" button to automatically add the language to your game. It might take a few minutes before it appears in your menu.

To set your new language as the default, open Interstellar Rift, go to the options and select the "language" tab on the top left.

You can set your file to private if you want to keep it off the workshop, by clicking on it in your workshop files. This is also where you can find any other settings that relate to the workshop.

Modifying a translation file

You can simply modify your translation file by re-uploading the file through the Translation Tool, it will then automatically update your file after a couple of minutes.

Make sure that you keep the published file ID that is located at the top of your translation file the same! This ID is automatically set to a random number after the first upload.

Alternatively if you want to make a new file from an existing one, simply reset the published file ID to "0", this will force the Translation Tool to create a new number when you upload it.