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DATE: 13 Jan, 2016


- fixed bug where multiple devices would not load correctly - fixed shields on miningstation - fixed SSS supply depot - fixed gui not displaying correct amount of ammo - engine trails for tech II engine now display correctly - props with the same orientation cannot be stacked on the same location any more - all listboxes now have scrolling support


- servers need to be restarted and rebuilt to get the shields and SSS supply depot back - we are aware of some performance issues and are actively working on resolving them


DATE: 12 Jan, 2016


- player items inventory added (switch inventories with "Q" (default key))

- upgrade data cartridges added, can randomly be found in lockers on stations

- reworked lockers to allow player item storage

- old data core replaced with data core terminal and data core expansion bay place cartridges in the data core terminal to receive upgrades for systems aboard your ship

- crash course alert (sounds an alarm when your ship is heading for an obstacle)

- power-cell, power-battery and generators can now be turned off and on (with your GRIP)

- you can now scroll through some lists in the game (more coming soon)

- you can no longer move the camera if your game is not active

- moving/scrolling the camera in the ship editor has been improved, and doing so with keyboard or mouse gives the same results

- when in ship editor and esc is pressed you will no longer move the camera when moving your mouse to the edge of the screen

- whenever you mouse-over most gui elements your mouse will now be disabled in the ship editor

- you can now search in salvage mode

- buffed shields small shield now: power consumption per tick 30 shield strength regeneration per tick 1 max shield strength 600 max down time 10 sec large shield now: power consumption per tick 250 shield strength regeneration per tick 25 max shield strength 5000 max down time 10 sec - reduced weight of tech 2 ion engine, from 3800 to 1600

- added new ceiling air vent, ceiling light, ceiling, wall and floor for server rooms

- ships now take cargo weight into account

- added lockers to refinery station

- added lockers to assembly station

- added lockers to vaultron station

- added datacore terminal to refinery station

- added datacore terminal to assembly station

- lockers now stay open when players are near

- server list now shows number of players in a server

- editor now shows tooltips for most devices plus resource costs for everything.


- item locker update

- new bookcase shader


- game will no longer crash when you have deleted your workshop ship and are trying to re-upload a newer version of the same ship

- when searching for a ship to build in the ship editor terminal you can now use capitals

- resource display in salvage mode has been fixed, will now return all resources except for those in your tank(also those on cargo pads)

- tier 2 hydrogen generator now only plays one sounds instead of two at the same time

- the supply depot now spawns again

- fixed duping bug with crates

- egine sound now stops when exiting to menu



DATE: 23 Dec, 2015


- fixed bug where generated stations ignored their own AI, and did not move back to their starting position.


- servers need to be restarted with updated version, no rebuilds required.


DATE: 23 Dec, 2015


- workshop functionality added (ships can be uploaded through a new button in the editor's main menu)

- added salvager (can be used to salvage resources from a destroyed ship/station or defense drone)

- added scrap versions of Iron, Steel, Copper, Zinc, Brass and Silicon, these can be put into the refinery and refined into their refined counterparts

- jettisoned resources through disposers can now be picked up using the salvager

- added new HydroPEX service depot. These can be used to repair and to purchase fuel and oxygen

- salvager can pick up beacons

- targeting added to cockpits, default key "T" (when "T" is not working the key might have a double binding in the options menu)

- new HydroPEX service depot station can be found in space


- added new service depot model (room edit mode > admin models)

- added new salvager model (room edit mode > systems)

- added Steam workshop button in editor main menu


- loading ships that are near a player will now be cached so they only have to be loaded once per session

- fixed bug where game would desync when point defense drone started to fire

- ammo loader now properly accepts a new ammo crate after the previous one is depleted

- fixed salvage button appearance in ship construction terminal



DATE: 14 Dec, 2015


- improved drift code for stations (prevents mining station from being pushed out of the asteroid field)


- servers need to be rebuild with the F8 menu by admins, this will update their drift code.


DATE: 8 Dec, 2015


- added scanners these can be accessed from the main screen in the cockpit seat - added functionality to sensor arrays that can be found under exterior edit mode > sensors (you will have to remove pre-existing arrays and replace them to work with the new patch)

- now use power and give different amounts of scanning power small 10, large 60 - added Defense drones. These can spawn near asteroid fields and will shoot anyone who comes close. (they have more chance to spawn the further you get from the spawn area)

- Store-o-tron can now repair your ship for a fee.

- added retrieve buttons in refinery.

- message of the day for server admins (use the /motd command).

- merging resources now merges to inventory instead of onto the cargo pad

- added tutorial, can be accessed from the main menu

- S3 Trade Hubs will now trade all resources


- reworked the ship construction editor terminal.

- reworked the refinery resource input screen.

- reworked refinery model

- unification of the display of resources in all GUIs.

- new mining station

- updated vault GUI

- resources in screens now also show where the resource is made.

- added tutorial button in the main menu


- input buffer on refinery now plays a sounds when full and players attempt to add more


- removed the word credits from the trade terminal.

- fixed a bug with the U-Nit icon spacing.

- fixed crash in the salvage menu, when no salvageable ships were in range.

- refinery hatch now stays closed when refinery input is full.

- fixed crash when no ship selected in SET.

- fixed hand animation when combining resources.

- scrolling through your inventory should now be smoother

- repositioned the pop-up messages on several in-game GUI’s.

- secondary pilot screen does not turn off when leaving the exit game menu

- fixed a bug where the ship editor would throw an error when you only have a quantum oxygen generator on board (admin model).

- player positions on the map now show on the correct level

- molecular assembler now obeys rights


- server save will need to be rebuilt to allow for the new world generation (use F8 Menu)