Ammunition Loader

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Ammunition Loader
Ammunition Loader
IR Editor Int AmmoLoader 01.png
Ammunition Loader
A device that loads ammunition into the chambers of your ship. Weapons pull their ammo from this device.
Resources 900 Steel, 250 Copper, 200 Silicon
Weight 400
Device Type Prop
Peak Drain None
Capacity 1200 rounds (1 crate)
Accepts Ammo, Flak, Sidewinder Missiles, Laser Cells
Location in editor Prop edit mode, Weapons
Size 1x1x1 tiles (4x4x4 meters)
Category: Weapons


Provides ammunition feed for various weapon systems, such as the Small Mounted Gun or Turret. Utilizes one ammunition crate at a time. In the case of guns, these would include Standard Ammo or Ion Ammo for a 1200 round maximum capacity, Improved Ammo for an 1800 round maximum capacity, or Advanced Ammo for a 2400 round maximum capacity. Some other types of weapon ammunition it will accept include, Flak, Sidewinder Missiles, and Laser Cells. Does not require power, but must be grouped with the weapon it feeds using the Systems Edit Mode in the ship editor (F4). Alternatively, it can be selected on the console of the CPU Provider. The display interface on the unit will indicate the name of the weapon group(s) it is associated with, and provides both a numerical and bar graph display of inventory, as well as an eject button to remove loaded crate. There are three indicator lights on the front panel for simple indication of full (green light), nominal (yellow light) and minimal/empty (red light) remaining in the loader. If you salvage your ship, the ammunition in the loader will be returned to you.