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Construction material made from refined silicon ore
Resource ID: 19
Technical Name: RT_Silicon
Category: Resources


Silicon is a refined element (ingot-form) created from Silicon Ore using a Refinery.


Silicon is used primarily in the manufacturing of specialized devices such as Refinery, Cargo teleporter, etc. A complete list of provided below.


Refined Silicon is sealed into containment crates. Each containment crate can store up to 600 units of Silicon.
Crate Silicon 01.png


Image Component # Units Silicon required
IR Editor Tech2 Class 1 Ion Engine 01.png Tech 2 Class 1 Ion Engine 01 375
IR Editor Hydrogen Generator T2 01.png Hydrogen Generator TII 01 175
IR Editor Cargo Teleporter 01.png Cargo Teleporter 01 125
IR Editor Refinery 01.png Refinery 01 325
IR Editor Large Shield Generator 01.png Large Shield Generator 01 500