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Prop Edit: Cargo Group

The Cargo category provides a player with components that are used store material. A complete list is supplied below:

Image Name Description Resources Weight Tier
CargoPad 01.png Cargo Pad Provides in-game ability to store up to eight material crates. 50 Iron
IR Editor Int CargoPad 02.png Cargo Pad (high) Same as Cargo Pad 01, except it's cargo contents are placed at the top. This can be used in combination with Cargo Pad 01 to create a pad at the bottom and a pad on top. Also holds up to eight material crates. 60 Iron
IR editor cargocontainer 01.png Cargo Container Stores cargo in a container attached to the outside of the ship. Similar to the Storage Vault. Comes in Small, Medium, Large sizes. Varies Varies T0
IR ACTR 01.png ACTR (Automatic Cargo Transfer Relay) A teleportation device that can send one selected cargo type at a time from a nearby location to another. Uses Heat Sinks to cool. 250 Silicon Silicon, 250 Steel Steel, 125 Copper Copper, 200 Brass Brass 400 T1