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Room Edit Ceilings

The Room Edit Ceilings category provides a player with components that are used to decorate room ceilings. A complete list is supplied below:

Image Name Description Resources
IR Editor Int DecoCeiling 02.png Deco Ceiling - Type II Provides a decorative ceiling texture with two cross-beams. 25 Iron
IR Editor Int IndusHallwayCeiling 01.png Industrial Ceiling Provides an industrial reflective ceiling texture. 35 Iron
IR Editor Int DecoCeiling 01.png Deco Ceiling Provides a decorative reflective ceiling texture in a octagon configuration. 25 Iron
IR Editor Int Standard Ceiling 01.png Standard Ceiling Provides a standard ceiling texture. This is also the default selection. 10 Iron
IR Editor Server Ceiling 01.png Server Ceiling Provides a high-tech ceiling texture. 25 Iron