Life Support Systems

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Life Support Systems
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Life Support Systems
A device that supplies and recycles a ship's oxygen reserves. A requirement for; a living crew
Resources 250 Refined Iron, 25 Refined Copper
Weight 400 Kg.
Device Type Prop
Location in editor Prop edit mode, Systems
Size 1x1x1 tile (4x4x4 meters)
Category: Systems


The life support systems use Oxygen refined from Water to keep the oxygen levels optimal aboard a ship. They produce Carbon during the process and need at least one vent per room to supply oxygen. The room in which the life support systems are placed also requires a vent. If your oxygen runs out or the carbon canister fills, the unit will cease producing and ship air quality will begin to degrade. You can check the status of your system at any terminal under Ship Stats.

Redundancy and Power

A large ship can benefit from running two of these units, as they will provide more capacity or longer run time between oxygen restock or carbon removal, depending upon crew and ship size. Consider creating a separate power group for this unit, vents, doors and teleporter for example, and enough solar panels to run the system, as well as a power cell. This insures the system runs regardless of any other system demands or fuel needs. If your system is damaged or shuts down due to lack of service, your space suit will provide O2 for a short time. To avoid suffocation, check the Ship Stats page or service the system often. If you utilize your suit oxygen supply, it will slowly recharge once your system is restored or you enter an area with a functioning system.