Large Refinery

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A large machine that converts raw resources into their refined form
Resources 2750 Refined Iron, 500 Refined Copper, 325 Silicon
Weight 10800 Kg.
Device Type Prop
Location in editor Prop edit mode, Systems
Size 3x3x3 tile (12x12x12 meters)
Category: Systems

A refinery is used to take raw resources or scrap resources and make them into refined resources. See the Resources page for more information on how to obtain the resources listed below.

Refinery Recipes

Icon Resource Input Output
Iron Iron 1 Iron Ore or 1 Iron Scrap 1 Iron
Copper Copper 1 Copper Ore or 1 Copper Scrap 1 Copper
Brass Brass 1 Copper Ore and 2 Zinc Ore or 1 Brass Scrap 1 Brass
Silicon Silicon 1 Silicon Ore or 1 Silicon Scrap 1 Silicon
Steel Steel 1 Carbon and 2 Iron or 1 Steel Scrap 1 Steel
Zinc Ore Zinc Ore 1 Zinc Scrap 1 Zinc Ore
Oxygen Oxygen 1 Water 1 Oxygen
Carbon Carbon 1 Carbon Scrap 1 Carbon
Hydrogen Hydrogen 1 Water 1 Hydrogen
Nitrous Oxide Nitrous Oxide 2 Nitrogen, 1 Oxygen 1 Nitrous Oxide
Deuterium Deuterium 1,000 Water 1 Deuterium
Xanthium Xanthium 100 Nitrogen, 1 Deuterium, 1 Beryllium 100 Xanthium
Di-Xanthium Di-Xanthium 100 Xanthium, 100 Nitrogen, 1 Mercury 100 Di-Xanthium
Tetra-Xanthium Tetra-Xanthium 100 Xanthium, 100 Nitrogen, 1 Osmium 100 Tetra-Xanthium