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A refinery is used to take raw resources, scrap, or more than one resource and refine them into a new resource. Placing a resource into the refinery and then selecting it on the left console will show you all the recipes for that resource. This is a very handy way to learn new recipes. You can use the ACTR device to send resources into the refinery, and another one to remove them afterwards. If you combine this with a Processing Automation Card it will allow a fully automated process.

Image Name Description Input Buffer Output Buffer Resources
Int SmallRefinery 01.png Small Refinery The small refinery can fit in a 2x2 space 1x tall making it easy to add to smaller ships. 4 Slots 1 Slot 225 Iron Iron, 30 Copper Copper
IR Editor Refinery 01.png Large Refinery The large refinery needs a 2x3 space that is 3x tall and is the cornerstone of any serious refining operation. 8 Slots 4 Slots 225 Iron Iron, 30 Copper Copper

Refinery Recipes

Icon Resource Input Output
Iron Iron 1 Iron Ore or 1 Iron Scrap 1 Iron
Copper Copper 1 Copper Ore or 1 Copper Scrap 1 Copper
Brass Brass 1 Copper Ore and 2 Zinc Ore or 1 Brass Scrap 1 Brass
Silicon Silicon 1 Silicon Ore or 1 Silicon Scrap 1 Silicon
Steel Steel 1 Carbon and 2 Iron or 1 Steel Scrap 1 Steel
Zinc Ore Zinc Ore 1 Zinc Scrap 1 Zinc Ore
Oxygen Oxygen 1 Water 1 Oxygen
Carbon Carbon 1 Carbon Scrap 1 Carbon
Hydrogen Hydrogen 1 Water 1 Hydrogen
Improved Fuel Improved Fuel 1 Hydrogen and 1 Acidium 1 Improved Fuel
Nitrous Oxide Nitrous Oxide 2 Nitrogen, 1 Oxygen 1 Nitrous Oxide
Deuterium Deuterium 1,000 Water 1 Deuterium
Xanthium Xanthium 100 Nitrogen, 1 Deuterium, 1 Beryllium 100 Xanthium
Di-Xanthium Di-Xanthium 100 Xanthium, 100 Nitrogen, 1 Mercury 100 Di-Xanthium
Tetra-Xanthium Tetra-Xanthium 100 Xanthium, 100 Nitrogen, 1 Osmium 100 Tetra-Xanthium

See the Resources page for more information on how to obtain the resources listed above.