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VaulTron V1000 Vault
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Vault that stores your tools and resources in one secure location, accessible throughout the galaxy.
Manufacturer VaulTron
Device Type Prop (Admin mode only - Can not be placed by players)
Power Requirements Needs to be connected to electricity
Location in editor Room edit mode, AdminModels
Size 1x1x1 tile (4x4x4 meters)
Category: Admin Models

The V1000 VaulTron Standard Vault allows you to store tool and resource deposits. Vaults are linked throughout the galaxy, and content deposited in them cannot be destroyed. The total amount of storage available to you can be increased by adding up to 5 VaulTron passes, an item in the Tools category. Like many other items, VaulTron passes are available in a T0, T1, T2 and T3 variety, with each adding a larger amount of storage space. It is important to note that server admins can adjust the bonus value of each tier of VaulTron pass, so the maximum space gained may vary considerably by server.

By inputting 5 VaulTron cards (the maximum), you can store a maximum of 2,500 crates inside your personal vault. For more storage, use Fleet Vault and add more members to your fleet, as each one will add an additional amount of volume to the total allowed storage. For additional storage on your ship or station, place devices such as Cargo Pad to store the resources you will need.