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Admin Components


Admin Components are objects that can only be accessed by turning on Admin Models in the game options. They all require Unobtainium to be built, with the exception of the Information Kiosk. They are accessible in the editor once enabled, by selecting the Split Polygon logo.

Admin Components

Image Name Description Resources
IR Editor Information Kiosk 01.png Information Kiosk Provides information similar to the GRIP encyclopedia. It is the only component in this list which does not require Unobtainium to build. 350 Iron, 75 Copper, 50 Silicon
IR Editor Service Depot 01.png HydroPEX Service Depot Sells large amounts of Hydrogen and Oxygen at discount price. Also provides hull repair for U-nits U-nits. 125 Iron, 15 Copper, 15 Unobtainium
PlayerVault 01.png VaulTron V1000 Vault Functions like a resource bank. Resources placed in a Vault can be accessed at any other Vault in the galaxy. 10 Unobtainium
IR Editor StorOTron 01.png VaulTron Store-o-Tron Allows Ships to be put in storage or taken out of it. Also provides hull repair for U-nits U-nits. 125 Iron, 15 Copper, 1337 Unobtainium
Missing.png VaulTron Vend-o-Tron Allows ship purchase from the station faction, as well as purchase or sale of Pilot designed ships. 125 Iron, 15 Copper, 1337 Unobtainium
Missing.png Mission Terminal Pilots can sort through a list of missions available for the faction owning that station. ?? Iron, ?? Copper, ?? Unobtainium
Missing.png Mission Drop Box Accepts mission item deposits from pilots completing missions. ?? Iron, ?? Copper, ?? Unobtainium
Missing.png Bulletin Board Overhead display showing a list of missions a pilot can accept for the station faction, and local trade prices. ?? Iron, ?? Copper, ?? Unobtainium
IR Editor Trade Station 01.png GT Trade Station Allows purchase and sale of Resources through the use of U-nits U-nits. 125 Iron, 15 Copper, 15 Unobtainium
IR Editor Int HydrogenGeneratorSmall 01.png Quantum Power Supply System Produces an infinite amount of power at no power cost. ??? Iron, ?? Copper, ? Unobtainium
IR Editor Quantum LifeSupportSystems 01.png Quantum Life Support Systems Produces an infinite amount of breathing air at no cost. 250 Iron, 25 Copper, 5 Unobtainium
Missing.png Quantum Thermal Extractor System Provides infinite temperature control at no cost. ??? Iron, ?? Copper, ? Unobtainium