C51 Repair Tool

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C51 Repair Tool
IR Upd C51 Repair Tool.png
C51 Repair Tool
Repairs or destroys devices.
Tool ID: 13
Technical Name: CS1 Repair Tool
Category: Tools


Slowly repairs or destroys machines, or aliens on ships. Holds 1000 Repair Gun Ammo. Repairs/damages the machine by 1 health.

It is referred to as the LogiCorp C51 Repair Tool, or Repair Gun, and uses Repair Gun Ammo or Repair Gun Ammo depending on where you are reading.


The repair tool has two bar graph displays. The left side indicates ammunition/charge remaining, when you point the gun at something, the right side indicates the device's state of repair (blue), or alien health (red).

  • Left Click: Repair machine.
  • Right Click: Destroy machine or alien.
  • R key: Reload (will top off partial ammo load)


Release Video

The following release video was produced by the development team: C51 Repair Tool