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There are currently four different factions you may join, each with their own focus and specialties.

You can compare these factions side by side in the Beginner's Guide.

Other Factions; Companies

In addition to these factions, there are also several Companies doing business in the galaxy.


Each faction works on a reputation basis, the standing you as a person has with them. Beneficial acts to the faction will net you a positive reward, any hostile acts will obviously net you with a negative penalty.

The primary way to rank up or gain reputation, is by doing missions relevant to the tier you are on (denoted by a mail message when you increase in tier), providing tributes or contributing to system-specific events. The latter currently features a very small increase in reputation, depending on the event that is ran.

Ultimate Events

When one of the factions (listed below) have their reputation increased to the maximum, the player will get the event to build their main station.

Should this be done, the following can be achieved for each of the four (4) starter factions.

  • Hurles Co: IF main station = built, then: Example alt textFluorite Rich Asteroid (Requires stripminer) within ~15 minutes post-construction.
  • GT: IF main station = built, then: Example alt textAdvanced Fuel for sale in system stations.
  • Drifters: IF main station = built, then: T2 hack will spawn on stations in system (can be collected without fees).
  • Sentinel Security Systems: IF main station = built, then: Event to defend a station from Skrill. Will spawn about ~100k worth of Example alt textadvanced ammo after the skrill waves are defeated.

Other factions, such as LogiCorp or HydroPEX do not have ultimate events.


Events in a system can be found in your menu, by pressing tab, and it is the purple button in the upper location of the menu. Missions can range from:

  • Scouting [LEGAL] - Fly over the system and scout several places of interest to a faction, which can be planets, asteroid belts or stations of other factions.
  • Construct a station [LEGAL] - Provide the resources required to build a station of the faction you want to gain reputation for.
  • Upgrade a station [LEGAL] - Same as above, except upgrades a station. TI->TII->TIII.
  • Deliver resources [LEGAL] - Deliver the resources that are requested. These can range from iron to crystal vectronium, depending on the tier you are in.
  • Build Main Station [LEGAL] - These are no different than the regular objectives to build a station, but will require a substantial higher amount of resources to be built. This station cannot be upgraded once built, or be destroyed. Building this station will claim a system for that faction and is IRREVERSIBLE!
  • Mine a rich asteroid [LEGAL/HURLES CO. ONLY] - Upon completing the above objective specifically for Hurles Co. and constructed their main station, between 5-30 minutes a new objective will spawn in the events tab, guiding you towards a rich asteroid. These rich asteroids are the only way to get Fluorite.
  • Destroy any non-Drifter station [ILLEGAL/DRIFTERS ONLY] - Destroy any non-drifter station or ship. Hint: To avoid any negative impact from doing so on faction stations, you can also destroy derelicts if they are around. If you destroy them, they will count towards the event and not give negative reputation or impact to any other faction.


Missions can be found on bulletin boards, which are present on plenty of stations (the notorious exception being some Hydropex stations). Missions require you to do one of a few things:

  • Exterminate some skrill.
  • Haul some goods. (This can range from nonsense items, which have a bright blue color, or actual resources. The former spawn in your hand, the latter must be spawned on a ship. Ensure your ship is within 1km of the station!)
  • Procure some resources, and deliver. (The means of which are up to you. You can buy them, or do the hard work yourself.)
  • Refine / Produce something from resources, and deliver. (This can take a LONG time based on what needs refining. T3 ammo and resource production times are roughly twice the time of T1.)
  • Go cross-system to do any of these tasks.

Additional missions, which are faction-only:

  • Smuggle something. (Drifters)
  • Destroy something. (Drifters)
  • Possibly more, unknown missions that can spawn from Drifters.

The above missions are illegal, and should not be taken lightly. If asked to take to another system, you may run into combat drones who will immediately open fire on you!

Missions that are in your own system, are denoted in white, while those in another system are denoted by the color beige. Missions can be started, and range from T0, T1, T2 to T3. T0 can be completed in the starting systems or anywhere else, and will only gain you reputation until Tier 1, after which you must complete Tier 1 missions, which will only spawn in T1+ systems. If you complete more missions of T0 standing, while at 1000 reputation, you will gain only the U-Nits and any resources that mission gives.

Rule of thumb: If you reach a new tier, you must head to a matching tier system to complete the new missions to advance your reputation. Diagram:

  • 0-1000: T0 system.
  • 1000-2000: T1 system.
  • 2000-3000: T2 system.
  • 3000-4000: T3 system.


Tributes can be handed in to any faction's main station, which has the faction desk. However, it should be noted that tributes are a cost-inefficient way to gain reputation in any capacity. The rewards through this system are minor, and often cost more money (or time) than it is worth. With this in mind, tributes can range from delivering mundane resources, to the most rare or costly of resources. They can also ask for research cartridges, which can sometimes be earned from missions, or bought from any GT Trade Desk.

Faction ID's

These are for use with the "/GiveReputation <Faction> <Amount>" command.