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Pilot Primer
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Getting Started

As a new pilot in the galaxy it is a good idea to get yourself familiar with the controls as soon as possible. It is highly advisable to go through each tutorial found on the main menu before venturing out to avoid lost assets. You can view the list of in-game Controls here. You may also want to look over the FAQ for any questions that you might have.

New Game & Factions

When a player logs into a new server or starts a new solo game the first thing that you have to do is pick a Faction. There are currently four different factions you can begin with. Hurles Corporation., Galactic Trade Network, Sentinel Security Systems, and The Drifters. Each of the factions has their own specialties and starter systems. When you start you are given a set amount of starting resources and your pilot is teleported to that faction's hub of operations. You can subsequently accept and complete missions for any faction you are on civil terms with.

Let's compare each of these faction choices:

Hurles Co. HurlesCoGrayScale.png Galactic Trade GalacticTrade.png Sentinel Security Systems SentinelSecuritySystems.png Drifters Drifters.png
Starting Resources U-nits 750,000 U-nits U-nits 750,000 U-nits U-nits 750,000 U-nits U-nits 250,000 U-nits
Hydrogen 10,000 Hydrogen 10,000 Hydrogen 10,000 Iron 25,000
Oxygen 1,000 Oxygen 1,000 Oxygen 1,000 Steel 5,000
Standard Ammo 1200 Copper 2,500
Specialties Mining and resource selling. Cargo hauling and trading. Combat and salvaging. Mining and smuggling.
Starting Location HSC Industrial Complex GT Trade Hub S3 Fort Bragg The Black Pit
Starting Star System Vectron Syx Alpha Ventura Sentinel Prime Scaverion
Starter Ship Tier 0 HSC Excavator Mk I GT Mk IV Hauler S3 Peregrine Mk I (player built)*
Starter Ship Cost* U-nits 699,999 U-nits U-nits 624,999 U-nits U-nits 599,999 U-nits (not applicable)*
Starter Ship Tier 1 HSC Excavator Mk II GT Mk VI Hauler S3 Reaper Mk II (player built)*
Starter Ship Cost* U-nits 2,999,999 U-nits U-nits 2,499,999 U-nits U-nits 4,999,999 U-nits (not applicable)*

*The cost of starter ships can be adjusted by server admins, these are just the default values.

Each faction's base has some basic resources for a new player to use. Each has a Store-o-Tron to let you buy, store and repair ships, a Ship Editor Terminal to let you build your own ships, a Vault to allow you to store resources, and a Resource Extractor to let you mine. For Sentinel Security Systems and Galactic Trade, there are separate mining stations, as the home stations do not have asteroid fields around them. For specific resources check the links above for the different faction hubs. * Drifters are given materials instead of U-nits U-nits. With a little mining at the station, you can construct your own ship at the Ship Editor Terminal.

Ship Creation

You can either buy your faction's ship from the Store-o-Tron once you get enough U-nits U-nits to buy it, or you can create a ship in the Ship Editor Terminal. In order to create a ship you must have the required resources for that ship in either the Vault or on cargo pads in another ship you own. For ship creation tutorials look here.

Entering Your Ship

You can enter ships by accessing a small teleporter (1km) or long range teleporter (12km). Every station and ship has one if they're designed correctly.

-warning : it's always a good idea to bring hydrogen & oxygen with you.


Once you have a ship, you can complete missions that are given in each of the faction hubs. Mission names may appear in white text for those which take place in the current solar system. When mission text is gold in color, you will need to open a rift to another system, and travel through it to complete your mission. When you accept a mission, a popup will help guide you, and you will receive a message with similar instructions, as well as the time left to complete the mission. You can press 'M' to open the Message Centre screen or navigate to the Message Centre in your G.R.I.P. OmniTool by pressing the 'Tab' key to review your objectives anytime. When you complete a mission in the time given, you will receive the currency and goods promised as well as gain reputation with that faction. You can view your current faction standings by pressing 'X' to bring up the Diplomacy Window, or press 'Tab' to navigate to it in your G.R.I.P. OmniTool.


The galaxy is large and full of valuable resources waiting to be discovered. Some resources may be well guarded; you may have to fight for them against humanoid, alien or drone adversaries. Which star systems you visit, what you mine, whom you fight and what you salvage is your decision, but you may want to have some help. Your enemies will.