Galactic Trade Network

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Galactic Trade
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Galactic Trade Network
A large trading company
Category: Factions

Galactic Trade Network (GT) is the number one shipping and mining corporation in the galaxy. It produces shipping containers, as well as several other shipping-related products. If trading or being a "space trucker" are of interest to you, this is a good faction to start out.


  • Name: Galactic Trade
  • Starter System: Alpha Ventura
  • Descrption: From far and wide, Galactic Trade brings in even the most precious of resources and materials for the best prices, guaranteed!
  • Characteristics: Cargo hauling and trading.
  • Welcome Mail Subject: Good day, and welcome!
  • Welcome Mail Body: A new trader for the Galactic Trade Conglomerate! To get started with your trading endeavours, we have supplied you with a nice sum of U-nits. You can purchase one of our basic haulers from the Store-o-Tron aboard this station. We have also supplied you with some basic resources, which you can find in your personal vault. May the stocks be forever in your favour.
  • Access Denied Threshold: Hostile

Starting Resources

Reputation Ranks

  • Hated: -7000
  • Hostile: -5000
  • Unfriendly: -3000
  • Neutral: -1000
  • Friendly: 1000
  • Honoured: 2000
  • Revered: 3000
  • Exalted: 4000

Trading Impact

  • Hated: Won't deal
  • Hostile: Won't deal
  • Unfriendly: +85%
  • Neutral: 0%
  • Friendly: -5%
  • Honoured: -10%
  • Revered: -10%
  • Exalted: -10%