Ion Engine - Tech 2

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Class 1 Ion Engine - Tech 2
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Ion Engine - Tech 2
Provides propulsion for large spacecraft. Consumes power continuously when providing thrust.
Device Type Prop
Thrust 137,500
Maneuverability thrust 1400
Drain 40 (in use)
Connections Must be connected to a power source (electricity)
Location in editor Interior edit mode, Systems
Interior Size

2x2x2 interior rooms

4x4x4 meters
Exterior Size

7x4x4 exterior tiles

14x8x8 meters
Build Costs

3750 Steel
250 Iron
750 Copper

375 Silicon
Weight 800
Category: Engines


This is the second largest engine currently available, and one of two requiring installation on the interior of the ship. Producing 2,000,000 thrust, it provides around seven times the thrust of the next engine, the largest externally mounted, which produces 280,000 thrust. To operate this (1) engine at full power, some possibilities include one large hydrogen generator, eight small hydrogen generators, or eight charged small batteries among other design choices. See also the Engine Comparison Table.