Nuclear Reactor

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Nuclear Reactor
Nuclear Reactor
Nuclear Reactor
Uses radioactive fuel rods to create electricity
Resources 2500 Steel.png Steel
1500 Aluminum.png Aluminum
1250 Lead.png Lead
750 RT Vectronium.png Vectronium
500 Silicon.png Silicon
Weight 48,000 Kg.
Device Type Prop
Power Output Varies, depending on fuel cell turbine
Location in editor Prop edit mode, Systems
Size 3x3x3 tiles (12x12x12 meters)
Category: Systems


A very complicated piece of engineering, the Nuclear Reactor is the pinnacle of power generation. Utilizing up to 4 radioactive fuel rods, the reactor will spin 2 turbines to generate power. All of this incredible heat has to go somewhere, and so the reactor comes outfitted with 8 slots for heatsinks. Using more/higher energy fuel rods will raise the reaction temperature while the reactor is in operation, generating more power, but also putting more stress on your components. The reactor is limited in it's capacity by the number of type of heatsinks you equip it with, as well, as the type and number of turbines. With 8 heatsinks, 4 Pu241 fuel rods, and 2 Platinum turbines, the reactor is capable outputting a mindboggling 30,000 units of power.

Fuel Rods

The fuel rods that power the reactor are created in the following manner. Refine Uranium ore into Uranium ingots in the refinery. Using the Assembler, insert Silicon, Steel, & Uranium Ingots. Turn that into U238 rods. Deplete at least 4 U238 rods by expending them inside the reactor, and insert those 4 U238D rods into the Assembler to create a single Pu239 rod. Follow this process 3 more times to get a total of 4 depleted Pu239 rods. Insert the 4 depleted Pu239 rods into the Assembler to make a single Pu241 rod. In total it takes around 4800 Uranium and approx 6 hours to create a single energetic & long lasting Pu241 rod.

  • U238 100*c of heat, 1500 energy per rod for 30 minutes
  • Pu239 200*c of heat, 3000 energy per rod for 5 hours
  • Pu241 500*c of heat, 7500 energy per rod for 30 hours (duration is unconfirmed)


Each TIII heatsink provides 250*c of thermal capacity to the reactor. You may also use TII or TI (not recommended) heatsinks. If you use lower grade heatsinks be sure to check on your reactor more frequently. If the heatsink degrades while in the reactor, you could quickly find yourself in a melt down.


Exceeding the heat threshold of either the heatsinks or turbines by using too much or too energetic fuel with lower grade components will result in a melt down, with the reactor immediately catching fire. It is advisable to equip your reactor room with sprinklers and keep a fire extinguisher handy. Note that you cannot remove fuel rods from the reactor once inserted until they have been depleted. If you accidentally use the wrong fuel, you will need to install better heatsinks before restarting the reactor. Using the ship editor to remove the reactor as a last resort might be enough to return the fuel rods to your vault.


To run the nuclear reactor you will probably require some or all of the following:

   Hazard Suit
   Flam Ex (Fire Extinguisher)
   Rad Ex - Fire Extinguisher Ammo, for eliminating radiation
   HSC Radiation Detector
   Nuclear Reactor
   1-8 Heat Sinks 
   Uranium -> U-238 Fuel
   Iron, Steel or Platinum Turbines (1-4)
   1+ Large Battery
   Thermal Extractor

There are certain dynamics with nuclear reactors and radiation, such as overheating that must be prevented, and radiation which I assume can damage the player, there are ways to deal with radiation such as using Rad Ex, storing uranium in the storage boxes in the hubs, wearing hazard suit and so on. Radiation depletes from an area over time.

Fuel Rods (U-238 etc) depletes in 30 mins, so it is probably wise to use large batteries to store all the power that is produced.