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Construction material made from refined aluminum ore
Resource ID: 60
Technical Name: RT_Aluminum
Category: Resources


Aluminum is a refined element (ingot-form) created from Aluminum Ore using a Refinery.


Aluminum is used in the manufacturing of advanced equipment, including the nuclear reactor, strip miner, the Tech 3 Class 1 Ion Engine, and ACTR. Aluminum is also a key component in creating heatsinks using a 3D Printer.


Refined Aluminum is sealed into containment crates. Each containment crate can store up to 600 units of Aluminum.
Aluminum 01.png


Interior Components

Image Name Description Resources Weight
IR Editor Tech3 Class 1 Ion Engine 01.png Tech 3 Class 1 Ion Engine Provides 950.000 thrust. Occupies both interior and exterior space. Drain: 6,500 5250 Steel, 2500 Aluminum, 1500 Copper, 1500 Silicon 7,200 lb
IR editor stripminer 01.png Strip Miner A very large, extremely heavy resource extractor. Can mine giant asteroids at a steady pace. More suited for stations. Functions as four Resource Extractors. Targets large asteroids. Drain: 5,000 12500 Steel, 25000 Iron, 7500 Aluminum 250,000 lb

Prop Components

Image Name Description Resources Weight
IR Nuclear Reactor 01.png Nuclear Reactor High output power generating device, up to 10,000 energy. 1200 Steel, 1250 Lead, 500 Copper, 500 Silicon, 1500 Aluminum 48,000 lb
IR ACTR 01.png ACTR (Automatic Cargo Transfer Relay) A teleportation device that can send cargo from a nearby location to another. Uses heatsinks to cool. 400 Aluminum, 250 Silicon, 250 Steel, 125 Copper, 200 Lead 400 lb