Power Cell Medium

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Power Cell Medium
Power Cell Medium
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Power Cell Medium
Stores a large amount of power for immediate discharge.
Resources 1,150 Iron, 500 Copper, 75 Silicon
Weight 400 kg
Device Type Floor (required)
Energy capacity Stores 50,000 E
Power Input 50,000 E
Power Output 50,000 E
Recharge time Instant
Discharge time Instant
Location in editor Room edit mode, Systems
Size 1x1x1 tile (4x4x4 meters)
Category: Power


The Power Cell Medium is essentially a powerful capacitor; it can charge instantly, and provide that power instantly for discharge, to its full rated amount, repeatedly, with no restrictions. This device is useful for teleporting and engaging warp among other things, which both require an instant burst of energy. It will recharge as fast as the rest of the system can generate. While the Power Battery Small provides long term supply of up to 14m with a rate of 100/tick, the Power Cell provides power at an unrestricted rate until depleted.

This piece of equipment will increase system Capacity by 50,000 and requires a floor tile location to place - you cannot place them on grating or deco floor pieces, and it will remove any floor style chose underneath it. For a smaller solution, see the Power Cell Small.