Teleporter - Long range

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Long Range Teleporter
Teleporter - Long range
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Teleporter - Long range
Large, long range Teleportation device. Required component to get to, and from ships. Range: 12.5km
Resources 250 Iron, 500 Copper, 500 Silicon, 2500 Steel
Weight 4800 kg
Device Type Prop
Peak Drain 1000
Range 12.5 km
Location in editor Prop edit mode, Systems
Size 3x2x1 tiles (12x8x4 meters)
Category: Systems


The Teleporter - Long range, is a device that has a better range than the standard Teleporter. It can teleport players to other teleporters up to 12.5 km distant. If the destination is a standard teleporter you will receive a warning message confirmation that you may not be able to return. Additionally, if asteroids or other forces move the desired ship or station beyond maximum range, you may not be able to return. Teleporters can be used to teleport both from and to other ships and stations. For moving materials outside of your inventory, use the Cargo Teleporter.