Disposal Unit

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Disposal Unit
Disposal Unit
Disposer 01.png
Disposal Unit
Ejects a cargo container into space.
Resources 750 Iron, 225 Copper
Weight 400
Device Type Prop
Peak Drain 1
Location in editor Room edit mode, Systems
Size 1x1x1 tile (4x4x4 meters)
Category: Systems


This interior device is mounted to an outer wall of your ship, and allows disposal of any unwanted item into space, or launching beacons and drones. In order to place it into your interior, it will have to be even with, or beyond the outer edge of the deck layout and those of adjacent levels. You can place exterior blocks to within one block of it.

Disposal Function

Simply walk up to the unit and press E to launch the inventory selected item to space. If you throw away something important, you may be able to recover it by using the Salvage Unit if the ship is not underway.

Beacon & Drone Launcher Function

The Disposal Unit also allows the launching of the Beacon, Defense Drone and Repair Drone items in the same manner as described above. You may also recover these items for later use with the Salvage Unit.