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A deployable object that displays an indicator
Resource ID: 31
Technical Name: RT_Beacon
Category: Resources


Beacons are objects that you can create to mark a location in space. Once created, you eject them out of the ship using a Disposal Unit and automatically deploy. To pick them back up, you salvage them with the Salvage Unit.

Launched beacons have the default label of "Beacon", which can be edited by the pilot who launched it from any Wall Terminal, Double Terminal or Engineering Terminal. Select Sensors, Beacons, and your beacon, click in the name and clear to enter your own text. Long labels are accepted but will be truncated. Select Stop/Start Broadcast to update the beacon's message system wide. All pilots in the system can see the beacon text, friend or foe. This is essentially a fixed position Transponder.


1 Beacon = 100 Iron + 100 Copper + 100 Silicon using an Assembling Machine.


1 Beacon will fold up to the standard dimensions of a containment crate, and will fill one slot of inventory or one slot on a Cargo Pad.