Repair Drone

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Repair Drone
Repair Drone
Repair Drone
A deployable object that heals your ship.
Resource ID: 33
Technical Name: RT_RepairDrone
Category: Resources


Repair Drones are objects that use iron to repair external damage to your ship. To deploy, you eject them out of the ship using a Disposal Unit. You will also need to eject up to 3 crates of Iron that they use as "ammo" for the repair activity. After launching the iron and drone, go to any Wall Terminal, Double Terminal or Engineering Terminal and choose Sensors, Drones, select the repair drone you wish to interact with. This screen has some controls for selecting a ship, telling the drone to find the iron you ejected, repair the target, or follow the targeted ship. When the drone picks up the iron, you will see the progress bar of iron "repair ammo" to the right filling up - 1800 iron is max, and you may have to eject more iron to get your ship fully repaired. To pick up a repair drone to use on another occasion, you retrieve them with the Salvage Unit. Sometimes when you instruct this drone to "go mine iron" it will fail to locate the iron crate(s) you have ejected out of the disposer. If this happens, retrieve the drone, and launch after the iron crates and try again.


1 Repair Drone = 2 Drone Parts: Construction + 500 Copper using an Assembling Machine.


1 Repair Drone will fold up to the standard dimensions of a containment crate, and will fill one slot of inventory or one slot on a Cargo Pad.