Power Transfer Box

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Power Transfer Box
Power Transfer Box
Power Transfer Box
Resources (Varies, see table)
Weight 50 kg
Peak drain 150/1,00/15,000
Device Type Power
Location in editor Prop edit mode, Power
Size 1x1x0.5 tile (4x4x2 meters)
Category: Power


This device allows power to transfer from any group, into the one it was assigned to in the editor or at the Engineering Terminal. Each Tier of this device has a different maximum transfer rate.

Power Transfer Box Tiers

Tier Output Type Maximum Output Resources
0 Low Output 150 125 Iron, 15 Copper
1 Medium Output 1,500 75 Iron, 15 Copper, 50 Silicon
2 High Output 15,000 75 Iron, 50 Silicon, 50 Aluminium