Rift Generator

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Rift Generator

Rift Generator Sizes

There are currently three rift generators in Interstellar Rift. Rift Generators can create Rifts for ships to travel to other star systems. The Mass Value of the generated Rift will decline over time. Additionally the Rift remaining mass value will decline by the value of any object that passes through it. You can view the three variants in the table below.

Image Name Tier Fuel Accepted Max Generated Rift Mass Resources
Int SmallRiftGenerator 01.png
Small Rift Generator 0 Xanthium Xanthium
500 Steel Steel, 250 Iron Iron,
250 Copper Copper
Int MediumRiftGenerator 01.png
Medium Rift Generator 1 Xanthium Xanthium, Di-Xanthium Di-Xanthium
1250 Steel Steel, 250 Iron Iron,
500 Copper Copper, 500 Silicon Silicon
Int RiftGenerator 01.png Large Rift Generator 2 Xanthium Xanthium, Di-Xanthium Di-Xanthium, Tetra-Xanthium Tetra-Xanthium
2750 Steel Steel, 250 Iron Iron,
500 Copper Uranium, 750 Silicon Silicon

You can view additional details about each rift generator by selecting a model above.

Please refer to Rift page for more details on Rifts.